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The cost of linens, centerpieces, and other decorations can really add up. Here’s how to set the mood without spending more than you need to.

Rent plants: Plants can make an attractive background and are an affordable alternative to flowers and other decorations.

Simple centerpieces: Don’t go overboard with a huge, expensive centerpiece that takes up half of the table. Keep your centerpieces simple and cheap, like a pretty bowl filled with water and floating candles.

No favors: Save money on favors by nixing them altogether. Who really wants a piece of chocolate with your name on it, anyway?

Make your own centerpieces: Don’t pay your florist big bucks to put together centerpieces. Make your own with supplies from the dollar store and a little ingenuity.

Decorate with paper: If you have creativity and a little time, you can make very affordable decorations using origami and fishing line. You don’t have to buy expensive origami paper, either. You can use plain white sheets or even sticky notes.

Buy fabric by the yard instead of finished linens: You don’t have to go with expensive finished linens to get a nice look. Head to the fabric store and cut your own. Try sheer fabric for a nice look and forgiving edges.

Combine favors and placecards: Don’t spend money on two separate things that can be combined. Find placecards that can double as favors.

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