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Archive for June, 2008

Wedding Blogger Vows To Be Stay-At-Home Dad, Raising $10K For The Arrival Of His First Baby

Hi there, It has been quite a while that I have been married.

A total of 1 year, 6 months and 20 days.

And now my wedding blog is already coming to 3 years old.

As you all know, the birth of my wedding blog blossoms from my love to my wife. I started my wedding blog as a wedding gift to my wife.

Never did I know that this blog has somehow generated enough money to cover my wedding expenses.

Time really flies and the natural stage after a wedding is the birth of the first child.

I have decided to start another project based on the love of my first child.
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“The Best Moment With My Love” Contest

Hi, Jhong Ren (John) here.

I have been thinking everyone has the most romantic moment of our life with our love one.

And right now, I am planning a contest related to your romantic moments. I know you could be planning your wedding right now and some wedding vouchers and discount items will be of some help to you right now to help save costs.

I have tied up some prizes such as this
1st Prize:

  • 1 “Plan Your Fabulous Wedding” 6 Ebooks Series
  • 1 CD of Vol 1 Original Love Stories
  • 1 69 Love Notes
  • S$100 vouchers off any of Weding Harmony packages
  • S$300 voucher for any of Wow Media services
  • S$300 voucher for Bridal Italia 09 by thegaleria

As for me, the most romantic of my life is my proposal to my wife, then my girlfriend, to marry me. I made a 1 metre tall Eiffel Tower out of hundreds of toothpicks and place the proposal ring on the tip of the tower.
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5 Must Know Ways To Have Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

inexpensive wedding invitation
photo from cupcakes for clara

When it comes to our wedding day we want to make it as memorable as possible. We want everything from the door way to the chapel to the bouquets on the tables at the reception to be remembered for a long time, if not forever.

Firstly, one way any wedding is remembered is by the wedding invitations, this is in fact the first thing anybody sees about your wedding, you want it to be glamorous, and you want it to make people come to your wedding. However, the way the finances are going for everybody around the world we will be making inexpensive wedding invitations. This gives you invites a personal feel, especially if you make them yourself, which will cut down your costs even more.
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12 Steps To Planning The Perfect Las Vegas Wedding

las vegas wedding
from judybaxter

Planning any wedding can be a lot of hard work and takes a long time, but if you want a truly magical experience then you can head to Las Vegas, the party capital. This will take even more work and planning, but here are 12 steps to ease the stress and enable you to have the most memorable, perfect wedding in Las Vegas.

1. Book well in advance
Don?t leave booking your tickets, accommodation and wedding venue until the last minuet. Las Vegas is a popular place and you might end up disappointed with no venues available with enough space for all your guests. Make sure you get a bridal suite or somewhere for everyone to change on the day and ask for a discount or special packages. Find out about bar facilities and catering requirements and make sure the space is big or small enough for the amount of guests you are having.
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37 Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown
photo from Photonut

When it comes to choosing a wedding gown for your big day, there are many factors that you will need to consider before choosing a dress or gown. Lots of aspects can change the way you look and you will have to decide before hand, what kind of image you want to create ? knockout gorgeous, sexy, romantic, casual, princess like, enchanting, vintage or totally unique. Below are some tips to help you decide how to choose the most important (?and probably most expensive) dress you will ever buy.

1. Style of Dress
The style of the dress is very important as it will set the tone for the entire wedding and will enhance the theme if you have chosen a specific one. You can get wonderful bridal gowns are have a vintage feel which are well suited for a 40?s or 20?s wedding and you can also get medieval style dresses, Victorian period bridal gowns and wonderful styles that resemble your heritage or a country that you love.
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