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37 Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown
photo from Photonut

When it comes to choosing a wedding gown for your big day, there are many factors that you will need to consider before choosing a dress or gown. Lots of aspects can change the way you look and you will have to decide before hand, what kind of image you want to create ? knockout gorgeous, sexy, romantic, casual, princess like, enchanting, vintage or totally unique. Below are some tips to help you decide how to choose the most important (?and probably most expensive) dress you will ever buy.

1. Style of Dress
The style of the dress is very important as it will set the tone for the entire wedding and will enhance the theme if you have chosen a specific one. You can get wonderful bridal gowns are have a vintage feel which are well suited for a 40?s or 20?s wedding and you can also get medieval style dresses, Victorian period bridal gowns and wonderful styles that resemble your heritage or a country that you love.

2. Body Shape
Your body shape will be the determining factor as to weather or not you can carry off a certain type of gown. If you are smaller busted, some of the more strapless gowns with fitted bodices might not look quite right. If you have large breasts on the other hand, some of the dainty styles will not work at all. Having a curvy figure is wonderful for certain types of gowns like the mermaid and slightly fitted gowns with a dropped waist, while an a line or empire line will hide larger hips, tummies and legs.

3. Color of Dress
The color of the dress is also a contributing factor and most brides like to wear white. This however might not be very flattering on some people and they may want to opt for a ivory color. Many dresses are white, but have accents in other colors which you will need to choose to match the theme of the wedding or it will have to be brought into the wedding party?s attire as well.

4. Skin Tone
Your skin tone will also play a role because many paler skins will not look pretty in a white dress especially if the fabric is shiny. You should then look at a cream or ivory color and maybe even an antique gold, depending on the tone of your skin. Look at the dress with make up on, as close to your bridal make up as possible, and try to view it under the same light as you will have on your wedding day.

5. Body Height
Short people cannot carry some styles, while tall people can pretty much get away with any style of dress. If you are shorter, try to steer clear of stiff a lines and lots of pick ups in your gown which will just make your look frumpy. Shorter brides stick to longer dresses with trains that just sweep the floor. Taller brides can get away with shorter gowns and ones that are train-less or that have very long trains.

Wedding Gown
photo from tengtan

6. Features you Want to Hide
Think about your features and then choose the ones you want to hide for your wedding day. Pick the worst one to start with and work from there. If you hate your big hips then get an a-line dress that hides them and from there choose the neckline based on how much you want your shoulder to be emphasized or your bust line to show.

7. Features you Want to Enhance
On the other end of the scale pick the best feature you want to enhance to make your look and feel more confident and beautiful. If you have lovely delicate arms and pretty neckline then choose a dress that is strapless. Based on your top worst and top best feature you can immediately start to see the type of dress that will look good on you.

8. Length of the Dress
The length of your dress will be determined mostly by the kind of wedding you are having and where it will take place. If you are on the beach or in the forest a dress that does not drag on the floor will be the best. If you want a casual wedding or for a second wedding, then you can even have a short dress.

9. Your Hair
You will have to have an idea in your head about how you want you hair to be done before you get your wedding gown. If you have no specific requirements then go ahead and get your gown, but if you want to specifically wear your hair down, make sure this style works with your dress. Loose hair may not work with some dresses that have detailed straps and back designs that need to be shown off.

10. Shoes
The same thing applies to the shoes you will wear. If you have already made up your mind about shoes, take them with you to your dress fitting sessions. This will help you with the length of the dress and the style in some cases. If you have found the perfect strappy sandals, a massive ball gown may not work very well and a straighter cut, chiffon gown might be better.

Wedding Gown
photo from tenderreflectionsphotography

11. Bouquet Style
Your bouquet might also be something you have already picked out and it will need to work with your dress or visa versa once you have your dress. In order not to take away from the dress, you will need a smaller bouquet that is perhaps bunched. If you have a very plain, elegant dress you can afford to make an impact with your bouquet and can opt for a trailing bouquet with lots of flowers.

12. Location
The location is very important when selecting your dress. If you have a beach wedding, a great princess like, formal ball gown may be a bit over the top and totally unpractical. While many brides have dreams of wearing a pretty princess dress, certain locations make this entirely unpractical. If you really want that princess dress, be sure to plan an indoor venue.

13. Space you Have
Space is urgent for your wedding gown as it will make the running of your wedding day so much less stressful. Before choosing a large dress or a dress with a very long train, make sure there is enough space in the church or wedding venue for this and at the reception, unless you are changing for the reception. This applies to aisles, stairways and doorways.

14. Reception Dress
If you are going to get two dresses for your wedding ? one for the ceremony and one for the reception ? make sure that they really stand apart and that people are wowed both times.

15. Time of Day
Depending on the time of day you are having your wedding, you might want to reconsider the dress you buy. A daytime wedding outside might require a hat of some kind and this will affect the style of dress you get. If you are having a night wedding or evening wedding, make sure that the intricate detailing wont be lost in the dark.

Wedding Gown
photo from castlephotos

16. D?cor of the reception
You can also choose your dress based on the d?cor and overall feel you want to create. A fairy, fantasy wedding with fairy lights and draping and lots of candles will be perfect if you walk in with a fantasy dress. If you have candles also make sure your dress can be seen in all its glory. If you have certain color up lights, be sure that the color dress will not be washed out or look strange under certain lights.

17. Transportation
For certain modes of transportation some dresses will simply not be practical. If you insist on riding to meet your groom on horse back, a massive ball gown with pick ups and lots of long chiffon may not be very practical.

18. The Overall Fit
You must judge your gown by the way it fits you by looking at it as a whole and choosing the one that stands out more than the rest. If you are having a difficult time choosing between 2 or 3 or even 3 or 4, get a few close family and friends to help you choose. Another way you can decide is to take photos of the top choices and then decide later on once the excitement has worn off a bit and you are not in the moment. Remember that your only memories of what you look like will be in the wedding photos, so choose the gown you think looks the best in the photos.

19. How Does it Make you Feel
Feeling good is most important on the day you marry your true love. You must feel elegant, comfortable and confident. You should wear the dress naturally and there should be no irritations or mishaps. You should feel like a bride, and if the dress does not make you feel like that when you try it on, don?t get it.

20. Comfort
If you can?t breathe and you keep tripping on your dress you will never be able to relax and have a good time at your wedding. Comfort is what you must also look for in your wedding dress. Now, we are not saying that it should be comfortable enough to sleep in, but it should not make your feel awkward or uncomfortable in any way.

Wedding Gown
photo from beachwalkphotography

21. Will it Date?
When you look back at the video of your wedding and the photos, you will not want to cringe and say ?Yuk, that was so 80?s or so 90?s?. You must look back at it when you are old and think, ?wow, what a beautiful dress.?

22. Photography
Think about how your dress will look in photos. Some dresses that might look great on you will not look as nice in photos, especially if there is a lot of a tiny detail. Be sure to take photos of the dresses you try on, so you can choose another dress or get the photographer to make a plan with the photos.

23. Jewelry
Jewelry can also be affected by the dress you have and if you really want to wear your family heirloom necklace for your wedding day, make sure your dress suits this and is not halter neck or high cut. If you have a very sparkly busy necklace, don?t go for a dress with sparkly busy details on the bodice because it will be overkill.

24. Undergarments
If you have to wear specific undergarments for your wedding like an all important bra, then don?t choose a strapless wedding gown. For a tightly fitted dress, don?t let any bumps show under it.

25. Cost
The cost is a nasty reality check, but before you buy any wedding gown, have a strict budget in mind. Even if you find the perfect dress for a higher price, don?t give in. Take lots of photos and see if you can find a local dress maker to make it for you for a cheaper rate.

Wedding Gown
photo from mr_mrs

26. Designer versus Store Bought
When you select a gown, there is very little difference between the designer and store bought gowns except for the price. It also depends what store you shop at and some cheaper bridal boutiques will have sales and good quality for far less.

27. Second Hand versus Brand New
You may be very lucky to get a second hand dress that is stunning and is perfect condition. This is usually the case because a bride only wears it once. These gowns may be perfect if you want a designer dress for less, because most of the time they are high end dresses or designer labels.

28. Hiring a Wedding Dress
Hiring a wedding dress is great if you don?t want to keep your dress and if you don?t mind that hundred of other brides have worn the exact same dress. You get lovely gowns to hire that works out so much cheaper and if you are on a budget and just want a simple, elegant gown this is a good choice. You can make it unique with accessories.

29. Take A Picture of the Gown you Want
If you have a certain image in your head of how you want your gown to look, draw it when you go shopping. You can give it to the store assistants and they can immediately send you to the gowns that are similar to save you time. This is also great if you take a photo from the internet.

30. Get Quotes
For choosing a wedding gown on a budget, don?t just get the first great dress you find. Get quotes from designers, dress makers, online stores and even classifieds. Exhaust all the options before making a final choice.

Wedding Gown
photo from karenilagan

31. Shop Online
There are lots of online bridal stores that have the same dresses in stores, but are much cheaper. They also have a larger selection. Make sure you get this well in advance in case you don?t like the fit or style.

32. Go to lots of Stores
Find every bridal store near you and shop around until you find what you want. Don?t just settle for the first dress you like.

33. Accents
If you want a wedding theme to run through to include your dress, make sure you get the perfect fabric and designer or shop around to find a dress that works. Butterflies might be your theme, so get a dress that either has butterfly images on it or that has a butterfly quality about it (i.e. chiffon and silk fabrics).

34. Check for Alterations
If a dress you try on doesn?t quite fit properly don?t just dismiss it, rather ask the store if they do alternations. They are quite ingenious at making the dress fit you perfectly.

35. Accessory Choices
If you have accessories in mind already, take them with you to see if they suit the dress. You should choose the accessories afterwards, but if you specifically want a feather beading hairclip, find the dress that compliments this well.

Wedding Gown
photo from ethnoscape

36. Season
The season will determine the type of fabric you get and the style. Summer will require more chiffon and thinner layers, while in winter you can add a romantic bolero jacket or get a dress with long sleeves.

37. Do you Love it?
The most important aspect of choosing a perfect wedding gown is to look in the mirror, get flutters in your stomach and jump up and down for joy because you absolutely love it!

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