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9 Quality Wedding Table Decorations You Must Get

If you are planning your wedding right now and is so overwhelmed by the vast wedding decorations ideas in the internet, you should stop right now and take a breather.

I know it is not easy. When I was planning my wedding, I have been looking for a one-stop website which offers everything you need and allows you to buy everything in bulk and move on to your next phase of wedding planning.

Beau-coup.com, a wedding favor site offers such a service in her online store and you should visit their site to view the massive selections they have.

These lovely wedding decorations ideas are designed to be functional as well as pleasant to the eyes. I really love their colors, you know.

Here are 9 wedding table decoration ideas you should know before you embark on your searching journey.

1. Personalised Wedding Cameras

Personalised Wedding Cameras

Do your guests a big favor and give them a mean to bring the beautiful memories back home. Offer them these personalised wedding cameras to capture the beautiful moments with you and other guests.

They look great as wedding table decorations and some are even personalised to add on to that personal touch which make your guests feel at home.

2. Wine Cork Candles

Have you seen a wine shapped bottle candle? I certainly feel that such unique wedding decoration suits your wine theme wedding. Such are great ideas as they do add on to the wedding glow and sparkle your guests’ joy.

Wine Cork Candles

3. Double Happiness Cake Toppers

In Asian culture, we believe in double happiness, meaning that it brings two joys together for this special occassion. This floral centerpieces can add on to your floral theme of your wedding.

Double Happiness Cake Toppers

4. Double Happiness Chopsticks

These beautiful lacquered chopsticks bear the word double happiness meaning it will bring good fortune to the wedding. In another words, it brings blissfulness to your wedding and marriage.

Double Happiness Chopsticks

5. Flower Girl Dress Sachets

Looking for gifts for your flower girls? These flower girl dress sachets offer great choices for them and they come 40 beautiful colors. Each comes with a matching flower for each dress and I am sure your favourite flower girl is going to love it.

Flower Girl Dress Sachets

6. Mini Martini Glasses

Served with your appetizers, these favors are lovely ideas for your wedding receptions or cocktail parties. Your guests can bring the glass home as a form of memory. Just remember to provide washing facility for the guests to wash their glasses.

Mini Martini Glasses

7. Pastel Favor Vases

These pear shaped ceramic vases are very popular for garden themed weddings and they serve as decorations for your wedding at the same time. You get to choose your favorite flower and place in these pretty glasses.

pastel favor vases

8. Swarovski Crystal Wine Stoppers

Personally I love these the best as first of all I am a big fan of Swarovski. Secondly, these are all uniquely handcrafted and each of them comes with a certificate which proves their authenticity and workmanship.

swarovski crystal wine stoppers

9. Porcelain Chinese Takeout Box

These procelain takeout boxes can be filled with cookies or other snacks and they serve as entertaining wedding ideas for your wedding presentations.

Porcelain Chinese Takeout Box

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    Rob@Baby Prams Says:

    These are some pretty nice decorations. Another great site which has a good selection of deco is myweddingfavors.com, i’ve used them and my experience with them was excellent, especially post-purchase.

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