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Archive for August, 2010

Wedding Cake History And Traditions

from sugarbloom_cupcakes

The wedding cake as we know it now has had a long history that sent it through many transformations as it became the focus of more than a few customs and traditions.

The history of the wedding cake has been researched back to the Roman Empire, with the custom of breaking the cake over the bride’s head. This practice was a symbolization of the end of the bride’s virginal state and the beginning of the groom’s power over her. In this case, the “cake” was actually a loaf of freshly baked barley bread.
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Inexpensive and Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces

from morgan_iscool

A very expensive wedding “must have” is gorgeous wedding centerpieces to set off your reception tables. When you order them from the local florist, you are paying high prices for quality flowers, shipping, special order fees and the floral designer’s talent and time.

With a little creativity and thought, you can make your own centerpieces that will not only radiate a special ambiance for your guests, but will make you proud of your own ingenuity.
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Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet

from may_queen

Walking down the aisle, dressed in a gorgeous wedding gown, with a beautiful bouquet in hand is every woman’s most precious dream. If this dream is going to come true for you in the near future… congratulations! It will be a day to celebrate as well as a day to remember forever. You’ll want to do everything you can to help keep those precious memories alive. One thing you can do is preserve your wedding bouquet.
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