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You’ve set the date and figured out your guest list; now it’s time to let everyone know. Follow these tips to send out a stylish announcement without spending a fortune.

Announce your save-the-date by email or phone call: If you’ve set your date far in advance or on a busy weekend, you may want to send out a save-the-date announcement. Of course, these cards are an added expense. Instead of paying for paper, printing and postage, send your announcement via email or just pick up the phone to let everyone know.

Print your own invitations: There are a multitude of programs and paper packages that allow you to create your own invitations. Use one to save money as well as make your invites more personal.

Use thermography: If you like the look of engraved invitations, consider using thermography instead. You’ll get a similar effect for less money.

Use standard envelopes instead of square: Square envelopes cost more to mail. Even though it’s just a few cents, it can add up when you consider how many invitations you’ll send out. Choose invitations that fit into standard envelopes and you’ll save on postage.

Check office supply stores: Wedding boutiques and specialty paper stores tend to charge a premium for invitations. Fortunately, they’e not the only places to go for quality print products. Check out commercial printers like Kinko’s, Office Depot, and Staples to get more for your money.

Post card replies: Instead of including a reply card with its own envelope, use a post card. You’ll save money on envelopes, plus postage going both ways.

Skip the mailed reply card: Don’t bother including a reply card. Ask for a phone call or email instead. You can even use websites like www.weddingtracker.com for this purpose. If you think Grandma or other guests may not be able to handle it, have your mother or bridesmaid call to confirm their RSVP.

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