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What to Wear Under There on Your Wedding Day

Now that you’ve figured out the expenses, selected the wedding favors, ordered the invitations and of course – found the perfect wedding gown, it’s time to consider what bridal lingerie to wear underneath. If you are like many, you may have overlooked or completely forgot to consider what may be one of the most important pieces of your wedding day attire.

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History Of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are popular at wedding receptions or parties almost everywhere. Their historical origin is unknown but there’s evidence that they have been popular around the world for a very long time.

There are many theories about what generated the tradition of giving wedding guests a favor for attending the service. Some say the tradition originated with the Romans in the 8th century. Another states that the Romans, during 400 B.C. started the practice of throwing rice and giving wedding favors to guests.

Almonds have been a traditional symbol of good luck and assurances for successful marriages for centuries. Originally, only the titled families followed this practice and their favors were often made of silver or gold. When the custom filtered down to the other social classes, by the end of the 19th century, almonds were distributed in golden paper boxes.

Supposedly, when the groom gave his friends walnuts, he was saying goodbye to his bachelor ways. Walnuts were thrown at the couple during the ceremony and eventually evolved into today’s practice of throwing rice at them.
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American Wedding Traditions From The Melting Pot

America is truly a melting pot of people from every country in the world, mostly from Europe. Along with the influx of immigrants over the centuries, came wedding traditions and superstitions that endure today.

From the Victorian weddings comes the old saying: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Family heirlooms, like a bride’s mother’s earrings or necklace are traditionally worn for the ceremony as “something old.” Some bride’s carry their grandmother’s Rosary beads or silver cross. Obviously the “something new” would be the bride’s dress.
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Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination – Getting the Most Bang For Your Buck

There are many factors that come into play when deciding where to go for your honeymoon. You want to go somewhere fun and possibly exotic, but especially romantic. You also want a destination that has activities you two like to do, whether it be scuba diving, bargain hunting, beach walking, or museum visiting. The decision has to be made whether to go somewhere near or far and usually the amount of time you can take away from work plays into this.

One other big factor is the cost of the honeymoon. If you have your heart set on going somewhere that’s farther away than the other side of town, then consider the “high season”, “low season”, and “shoulder season” of your possible destinations.
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How to Make Your Own Wedding Fan Programs

from djwhelan

Your wedding is meant to be a reflection of you and your fiance’s love for each other, but it is also a time to draw on your creativity to make your wedding special and absolutely like no one else’s. One of the things that lends itself really nicely to your creativity is with your wedding programs.

Wedding programs are certainly not a necessity, but they are wonderful for the guests to have before the wedding begins so they can follow along with what’s going on in the wedding. Fan programs take it a step further by also being useful in a hot church or hot outdoor wedding.

Creating your own wedding fan programs is a nice way to show a touch of your uniqueness. It’s not hard to do, just a little time consuming. You can ask a friend or relative to do it, or have a little get-together with your bridesmaids and get it done quicker while in a fun and relaxing environment.

Just follow these simple steps to make wedding fan programs:

1. Type out your program on your computer using your favorite font. Note – you need to know the exact order of events in your wedding first.
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