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7 Questions To Ask Before Your Wedding

from spaceodissey

It is easy to get carried away with your wedding plans and be totally consumed with the details for months before the big day. Regardless of how long you and your intended have known each other, or lived together, there are questions that need to be discussed between you if you want a good marriage.

For all its glamour and excitement, your wedding lasts one day in the rest of your life. Discussing the following questions could have a real impact on whether or not the two of you marry at all.
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Wedding Responsibilities Of The Mother Of The Bride

from anikarenina

When the wedding plans heat up and start becoming the only topic in the bride’s home, it would be easy for you, as the bride’s mother, to begin to take over the arrangements and bring some sanity to the excitement.

Your actual responsibilities are to see that the wedding is a total reflection of what your daughter wants for her wedding day. That includes keeping her tastes in colors, flowers, food, music, her choice of wedding dress and the very tone of the ceremony and reception foremost in your mind. While it would be easy to try to shift some of the arrangements to be more like your wedding, you have to remember that this wedding is hers.

To start with, there are five primary responsibilities for you to tend to as the Mother of the Bride:

* Helping your daughter decide on her wedding dress is a major task that will, more than likely, require both of you. If your daughter falls in love with a certain gown and it is not to your taste, it would be best to support her decision, unless it makes her look like the Bride of Dracula. If so, you are on your own.
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More Games For Wedding Showers

from carpeicthus

Traditionally, wedding showers can be hosted by the bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, mother of the bride, sisters or a close friend. The traditional purpose is to shower the bride-to-be with useful gifts that will give her a start with her new life. A secondary purpose is to have fun and celebrate the pending wedding with the bride during her last days as a single woman.

Games at wedding showers are standard methods of getting the guests to relax, laugh and get to know each other. The games do not have to be elaborate but some consideration has to be given to the size of the room for the shower.
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Getting the Groom Involved in the Planning


from good_day

Wedding planning isn’t just for the bride; the groom should take some responsibility and have some input in the process too. However, traditionally the arrangements are covered by the bride and her mother. That means that many people don’t know how to get the groom involved. Let’s take a look at a few ways to help him avoid feeling left out of things or run over by your plans.

If you’ve just gotten engaged, you’re going to want to make the announcement. Both of you can create an announcement card to send out by mail or email, or share the responsibility of calling friends and family. Together, make the list of people you’d like to invite to the wedding.
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Don’t Forget To Get Your Sleep!


from wiseacre

Planning your wedding is a big deal and can use up a lot of energy. If you’re going to married soon, you’re probably finding yourself running all over, and you might not be getting enough sleep. However, that’s a bad idea. There are lots of unfortunate side effects that come from not getting enough rest, and they could put a crimp in your plans for the big day. Let’s take a look at the reasons that brides need plenty of high quality sleep, especially the night before their weddings.

Did you know that sleep prevents disease? If you get less than the amount your body requires (and some of us need more than others) you’re putting yourself at risk for faster aging and more diseases. Sleep keeps your heart healthy, and can reduce your risk of cancer. It also helps you reduce your stress levels, since sleep deficiency elevates stress, raises blood pressure and increases muscle tension. Not enough sleep can result in aches and pains, as well as trouble getting through the day.
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