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Email Interview WeddingInHarmony.com


I had the chance to interview the Singer and Song Writer of Wedding Harmony
and her name is Lorraine. In fact, Wedding Harmony is not unfamiliar to me as I had the chance to meet them and see them perform during my cousin’s wedding.

Here is the email interview:


1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you start out and what is your wedding site about?

We have always been doing music, in fact, that was how we met. I was singing and Shaowen was the keyboardist at The Ark lounge about 10 years ago. We got married in end 2005 and wanted to give CDs as wedding favors to our guests, it will be a compilation of songs we wrote and produced (I sing and write the songs, Shaowen does music arrangement. He was doing a lot of music arrangement and performance for artiste such as Kit Chan, Andy Lau etc).
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Top 10 First Dance Wedding Songs and Why They Work

This post is from a fellow wedding blogger I know. His name is Chris Morton and he has a fantastic wedding site. You can view his wedding site at theweddingwizards.com.

“One of the things you will have to do as you plan your wedding is choose your song for the first dance. While some brides and grooms have a special song, other couples find it difficult to choose a single song that represents the love they have for one another. Here are some songs you can choose as you plan your wedding dance:

Can You Feel the Love Tonight
While it was first heard in the ?Lion King,? this Elton John song describes the feeling everyone at your wedding should be having. There should be love in the air, and this song celebrates that fact.

Endless Love
Lionel Richie and Diana Ross sing a duet that has remained a wedding staple. The two singers pronouncing their love for one another can allow you to dance to how you feel without having to grab the microphone and say it yourself.

Hoping that your wedding is heavenly, too, this Bryan Adams song is a testament to the love you and your spouse share.

Have I Told You Lately
An easy song to dance to, Rod Stewart?s ?Have I Told You Lately,? is a nice way to make a statement about your feelings toward one another. The beat and softer sound also make it an easy song if you aren?t the best dancers.
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