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Archive for August, 2006

Having Chose our Wedding Invitation Card’s design

About 1 month ago, we have collected our invitation cards. We only have 2 choices. Of course, we chose the ivory one. Normally, wedding cards are collected 2 – 3 months prior to the actual day and 70% of the confirmed attendance will be given. Meaning if you have 100 guests, you will have 70 cards.Normally they will give you a plain card and an envelope.
For the internal printing, you got to find printers to do it for you. Normally, hotels will recommend you some of their printers. You can also find other printer if you have any.
Our ivory card is really plain. Wondering what sort of design you can suggest? Do let me know as comments for this post. :p

Wedding Tour to Korea

This weekend has been a really enriching week. Booked our wedding photographer and our honeymoon package!!!???

We are going to Jeju, Seoul and the Ski resort. It is about 6 – 8 days and we added another 4 – 5 days. Wow, two full weeks in overseas and this is the first time I will see real snow. This is the link to tour to korea website: https://english.tour2korea.com/.


Winter in Korea

I really look forward to our honey moon in December and how I hope we can fly to Korea tomorrow.

Actually for the past few weeks, both of us are already cutting out newspaper articles of travel fair. There are so many fairs lately. Chan brothers la, SA Tour la..another ATS I think…

In fact we wanted to wait for the NATAS travel fair in Expo in late September. But we felt it is really risky. What if we can’t book it then?

Planning a honeymoon is not easy. We really wanted to see snow and this is the first trip we are going together. We are going to make it really meaningful.

Normally, we knew there will be amny fairs around this period of time. This si when the travle agencies want to capture the markets for September and December holidays. Some agencies even offer Honeymoon package but the price is the same. They will give you some meaningless freebies like bouquet of flower, an album and a free bottle of wine. We are looking for REAL discounts like 20% per cent off the cost.


Autumn in Korea

This tour cost at least $4.5K and have yet to include the amount of money we bringing over as cash. It is an once in lifetime trip and so we are really looking forward to it.

I’m looking at the itinery now. It is really packed. We will be taking domestic flight to Jeju once we reach Incheon airport and only staying in jeju for a day. Then another day at Ski resort. Then back to Seoul. The group size is 44 and oh my…hope everyone will be considerate and not wait for each other too long…whatever it is, we are going to enjoy together and let me count the days one by one…so would you want to share me about your honey moon trip?

Finally Found My Wedding Photographer

a great relief!!! After my fiancee has sourced for at least 4 photographers, we have finally sticked to me and booked him for our wedding day.??How it all started is my fiancee got her first contact from a friend and though the first photgrapher she had contacted was booked, she asked for a referral.?

Then, she will contact the second one and tell him she was referred. Hmmm…maybe got discount if we tell him we are referred.

My fiancee cold-called 4 to 5 photographers and went to see 4 of them. Actially, we are supposed to see 2 today and 1 tomorrow, we cancelled them because we have made up our mind.

The credit of finding all these photgraphers all goes to her and I want to thank her for the effort.

Generally, all photographers have different styles of photography. Some preferred the more traditional type – you look at the camera and I shoot. The conventional type is the photographer shoots from far and you are not aware you are bing shot at. The term we used here is “capturing of the moment”. Next moment, it will be gone. Get it?

Many times, when we are going to take a photo of someone, we called out to him and say “look here” What happens next? A moment ago he was smiling happily. The next moment, he grew conscious of himself and the smile looks faker. The most natural smile is the beautiful one.

I choose my photgrapher because he is humble and he is very frank. I like his openess to give his customers feedback on how to take photographs and even to organise a wedding such that the couples, not the guests. enjoy. Hmmm…wondering if I can say his name out…but hhmmmm..free publicity ah…especially this blog is viewed by about 100 readers per day.

Anyway, this is his company “Let There Be Light.” I feel good photographers should be acknowledged for their work. A photograph is an art work and if it is alive, it can tell a story.

Here are his company’s work. (hope they don’t sue me for putting up their work in my blog. Like what I said, i will say it again. Great photos must share and hmmm..maybe this publicity can bring them more business…disclaimer: i got no commission or whatever benefits from them for putting their photos and link here.)


Image of an innocent child is always one of the photos to be captured


What could she be thinking?


Ouch? >.<


Teapot set for wedding

You can view more of their work at https://www.lettherebelight.com.sg/weddingday/wdg1_01.html

Apology for not blogging for 2 days

Hi, some of my readers emailed me why I have not been posting for the last 2 days. Opppsss…I’m preparing my presents for my fiancee..a total of 7 gifts plus one that is self-made by me. I will post them to share with you next week. Meanwhile, I shall keep them as secrets… :p

2 more days…let me finalise my plans for this weekend!!! 😀 hohoho!!!

Our anniversary and her birthday countdown

Though her birthday is just one day, normally the celebration will last for 1 week. Everyday will be filled with surprises in terms of small gifts, special food or other little ways that I can think of.??

I have given her her first gift yesterday. Today, I gave her another one. Tomorrow another one!!! and so on…she deserves all these…and much more…

Now, I’m doing her main gift…it will be hand-made, hand-typed, hand-written, hand-delivered…so watch out for my next few postings on my ways of showing appreciation to my fiancee…

Meanwhile, can you guess what my gifts are?