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Our anniversary and her birthday countdown

Though her birthday is just one day, normally the celebration will last for 1 week. Everyday will be filled with surprises in terms of small gifts, special food or other little ways that I can think of.??

I have given her her first gift yesterday. Today, I gave her another one. Tomorrow another one!!! and so on…she deserves all these…and much more…

Now, I’m doing her main gift…it will be hand-made, hand-typed, hand-written, hand-delivered…so watch out for my next few postings on my ways of showing appreciation to my fiancee…

Meanwhile, can you guess what my gifts are?

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2 Responses to “Our anniversary and her birthday countdown”

  1. 1
    Anonymous Says:

    Here’s my guess (in no order of coz hahaa)
    – Handmade breakfast & lunchbox
    – Handwritten love notes & cards
    – Errm..more of her fav snacks
    – Miniature of a room/hse using those DIY kits (hee my hubby made this for me last time)
    – Earrings/bracelet


  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    Hehhee…i will post the pictures..and see if u guess correctly

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