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Taking Off Time for each other no matter how busy we are

We are both working. Working adults are busy. Stress from work. Loads of paper to clear. Numerous datelines to clear. Most working adults are half-dead when they are about to leave the office.?

Those with children have to take care of them. Although tired, the children still want to spend them with the parents. Working take up about 12 hours a day. 6 hours is for sleeping and the remaining 6 hours is for chores, settling matters, shopping, rest, more sleep perhaps…or do paperwork that has been brought back from office.
Many couples seldom spent time each other. After marriage, the time set aside for park-tohing (dating in singlish) is almost non-existent. “We are so busy with our work and so dead tired..where got time??”

I know it is not easy to consciously set aside time for each other. For me, Fridays are always blocked off no matter how busy we are. No work..no topics on work…just going out and spend time with each ohter… or just sitting together in living room and watching tv/ comdies/ variety shows and laughing together…the point is whatever we do doesn’t really matter…what matter most is the time spent with each other…so after reading my post, won’t you put aside some time next week to spend with your love ones? And what will both of you be enjoying together?

Exploring places which sell good food is one of our past times.


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