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Archive for January, 2009

15 Ways to Manage Your Money so You Can Clear Your Debt Within a Year

Manage Your Money
from zizoo

When you get married, the huge costs of planning a wedding and starting a new life with someone can cause you to go into debt quite easily. Many couples take out loans, such as online personal
, and borrow money from their parents to pay for wedding expenses and living costs until they get on their feet. Paying these debts back can be so hard and for many couples, the source of many arguments and fights is this financial strain. The best way to live your married life in peace is to clear your debt, so here are 15 pointers that will help you become debt free in just a year:

1. Budget, Budget, Budget!

If you don’t have a budget set in place to see what you have to pay and how much money you have, you will ultimately forget to pay certain people and spend more than you make which will land you in trouble. Make a budget and stick to it.
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15 Things You Have to Note While Managing Your Finances with Your Spouse

managing bride finance
from kyliu99r

With marriages becoming harder to work at every day and the divorce rate constantly on the rise, how can you make sure you are not one of those in the soon to be divorced or divorced category? Well, one of the most important factors to take into consideration in a marriage is the finances. Monetary matters are always the most difficult to work out and often the most sensitive of subjects to brooch, but it is really necessary if you want to have a good married life free from stresses and disappointments. There are 15 main things you must make note of when managing your finances with your spouse so that you stay out of debt and keep your marriage on a good, even keel.

1. Keep Communicating

This is really very important, because lack of communication about most things causes problem, but when it comes down to money, this can spell disaster, not only for your bank account but for your marriage too. If you want to invest or buy things, save, donate, or anything else regarding your money you must talk about it. Even if you earn the money, your spouse still has a right to know everything about where it is going and how you are going to spend it.
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Choosing Z Wedding Gowns for Your Special Day

Z Wedding Gowns

10. Choosing Z Wedding Gowns for your Special Day

Looking your absolute best for the day you marry the man of your dreams is a must for any bride. You want to feel fabulous and look it too. There are of course, many pictures you have been collecting over the years and over the past few months you have gathered together a few of the top images to create your wedding gown look. Now the task that lies ahead is to find that perfect, one-of-a-kind wedding gown. Well, one of the most stunning websites that will make the process a lot easier is Z Wedding D’sign. Here you have a selection of wonderfully unique and sensual wedding dresses that will flatter each bride to be and capture her style and essence for the Big Day!
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Choose The Inspirational Designs From Ted Wu For Your Wedding Gown

Ted Wu

9. Choose the Inspirational Designs from Ted Wu for your Wedding Gown

The latest collection from Ted Wu, offers brides the opportunity to delve into a dream world of fairy angles and choose from the fantastical wedding gowns to make their wedding day a magical event. Ted Wu is synonymous with bridal gowns that flatter and transform any bride into a princess. He takes inspiration from nature and whether it is a butterfly, sweet flowers, or an elegant garden, you will be able to feel gorgeous in one of Ted Wu’s wedding gowns that are masterfully hand embroidered which is the trademark design.

The fabric used in every Ted Wu design is of the highest quality silk organza, dupion silk, or duchess satin and the lines and styling of the gowns are kept simple and pretty to show off the bride’s figure and the delicate Peranakan embroidery work. To be adorned with jewels is probably every women’s dream, and if you get one these wedding gowns to get married in, you will be! Crystals, silver and gold thread, pearls and various glass beads are used to enhance these fairy gowns.
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Golden Horse Awards Bridal and Studio Has everything for Your Wedding

Golden Horse Awards Bridal and Studio

8. Golden Horse Awards Bridal and Studio Has everything for Your Wedding

If you are still looking for that perfect wedding gown, and you haven’t even booked the photography or make up artists yet, don’t worry! The Golden Horse Awards is a bridal studio that offers all of these things for your wedding to make sure you stay relaxed and enjoy your wedding preparation and getting ready on the day. The elements of having a professional photographer there while you are getting ready, as well as a make up artist who can ensure you look perfect in your dramatic wedding gown will give you the chance to breathe and enjoy your wedding day.

The Golden Horse Awards Bridal and Studio is a team of professional designers with a passion for fashion and have created some of the most intricate, dramatic, opulent gowns you can imagine. They are romantic, different, fun, rich and elegant. These are the types of gowns you wear if you want to make a statement and look like amazing for your wedding.
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