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Choose The Inspirational Designs From Ted Wu For Your Wedding Gown

Ted Wu

9. Choose the Inspirational Designs from Ted Wu for your Wedding Gown

The latest collection from Ted Wu, offers brides the opportunity to delve into a dream world of fairy angles and choose from the fantastical wedding gowns to make their wedding day a magical event. Ted Wu is synonymous with bridal gowns that flatter and transform any bride into a princess. He takes inspiration from nature and whether it is a butterfly, sweet flowers, or an elegant garden, you will be able to feel gorgeous in one of Ted Wu’s wedding gowns that are masterfully hand embroidered which is the trademark design.

The fabric used in every Ted Wu design is of the highest quality silk organza, dupion silk, or duchess satin and the lines and styling of the gowns are kept simple and pretty to show off the bride’s figure and the delicate Peranakan embroidery work. To be adorned with jewels is probably every women’s dream, and if you get one these wedding gowns to get married in, you will be! Crystals, silver and gold thread, pearls and various glass beads are used to enhance these fairy gowns.

The Ted Wu Style

Each Ted Wu bridal gown offers a uniquely creative cut and style that will enhance your natural beauty. The gowns are pretty with layers of chiffon and silk organza and finished off expertly with the trademark embroidery work. There are styles to suit every type of bride and flatter any bride’s shape. Choose from long, flowing gowns, interesting A-lines, trumpet sleeves, delicate halter necks, open back or mid section, sleeveless, off the shoulder, and much more.

Whatever kind of style suits you and whatever kind of lines and silhouette you want to create for your wedding day, you will find the perfectly designed dress at Ted Wu. There are also bodices and skirts for a different bridal gown that has a modern, couture edge to it and if you are more interested in the mythical type of gowns, this is the perfect place to find them.

Finding the right style of wedding dress can be a daunting task for a bride as there are so many brilliant gowns to choose from and so many unique and stunning styles. The most effective way to choose from a number of styles is to use a guide to help you. Think about what features of your body you want to enhance and which ones you don’t particularly like. If you don’t want your upper arms to show, then eliminate all the gowns that are strapless or halter neck, unless you want to wear a pretty bolero or long chiffon overcoat. Ted Wu offers a fabulous one with long trumpeted sleeves.

If you want to accentuate a thin waist, rather choose a form fitting dress with a firm bodice and A-line skirt and let’s day you want to hide a larger waist line, you can choose the empire-lined fuller gowns. Once you have gone through your best assets and decided what you want to wedding gown to offer you, you can then choose the perfect one for you from Ted Wu.

Ted Wu Offers Unique, Creative Features For His Wedding Gowns

When you look for the features of your wedding gown, you are probably looking for the one thing that makes it different and special. It needs to be you, but at the same time, you want your dress to enhance what you already have and make you feel angelic and princess like for your wedding day. This is where Ted Wu bridal designs are so ingenious. By using very simple, natural lines and styling, he finds that inner connection to every bride. On top of that, he will then add the interesting features that make his gowns so popular and well loved all over the world.

The main feature of the Ted Wu design is the intricate and amazing embroidery work in each and every gown. This is done in such a way that does not detract from the gown itself, but actually enhances it and makes it special. The embroidery work is all done by hand and to add to its magical quality, various iridescent crystals, velvety pearls, sliver and gold thread in the design and glass beads. The 3D effect that is created with this embroidery work makes each wedding gown an exquisite artwork that should be shared with everyone and that will be talked about by your guests for a long, long time.

Other stunning features that you can expect from a Ted Wu design are expertly fitted chiffon and organza overlays, sleeves, and scarf like extensions. This gives each gown a great flowing effect that is reminiscent of grasses or leaves catching a summer breeze.

Feel Your Best in a Ted Wu

For every bride, the feeling that your gown gives you, along with the special bridal hair do and make up, is something that you will remember forever and for your wedding day you will want to feel as romantic, and special as possible. A Ted Wu wedding gown will make you feel just like you want to on your wedding. For a bride that imagines feeling like a fairy princess, or a mythical, ethereal being on her wedding day, Ted Wu creations are just the thing for you.

They are sensual, sexy, pretty, elegant and sparkly, without being over the top or garish. They are delicate and wonderfully made with every care taken to ensure perfection in the style, cut and finishes. You can just imagine slipping into one of Ted Wu’s designer wedding gowns and being whisked away by your handsome price into the fairy realm forever.

The enjoyment you will get from wearing a Ted Wu wedding gown is indescribable, so make sure your bride’s maids and maid of honor feel just as gorgeous as you do. There are stylish, elegant evening gowns in the Ted Wu collection, also made from the finest fabrics and crafted into one-of-a-kind dresses that will inspire and impress.

There are a lot of different designs and colors to choose from and these gowns as well as the wedding dresses can be tailor made especially for you, to capture your inner fairy angel and leave you aglow with mythical supremacy as you float on a magical cloud down the aisle into the arms of your true love.

The Perfect Ted Wu Match for You

The Ted Wu bride knows just what she wants to create for her wedding day and has every intention of looking stunning and pretty. She is simple and elegant with a love for nature and the simplistic, clean lines it has to offer.

In every Ted Wu wedding gown you will find the romantic bride. She loves the silks, organza, and sensual satin fabrics, the carefully placed embroidery and subtle touches that accentuate her body beautifully. This bride is whimsical and dreamy and Ted Wu gowns enhance this bride in a wonderful way.

The daydreamer bride is another Ted Wu wedding gown match. She has her head in the clouds and loves walking with the fairy folk, creating far off places that are magical, mythical and dreamy. She is angelic in mind and spirit with a love of softness, warmth and enchantment.

The princess bride wants to look as a princess should – stunning! Ted Wu can oblige this bride too with shimmering features, elegant lines, plenty of layers and fine fabrics. The addition of pearls, crystals, beads and silver or gold thread in the interesting embroidery will also add an air of royal sophistication and wonderment to suit this kind of bride’s wedding gown.

Ted Wu allows you to be a modern bride too. Each design, while romantic and magical, also has a modern couture edge to it. You can easily feel modern and feminine in one of these amazing wedding dresses and gowns. The natural cuts and lines used in the design ensure you of a contemporary look, and the embroidery will give you a hint of magic to complete the look.

The Ted Wu brides are all very feminine and his designs have every feature, cut and line that you can expect a feminine woman to love. Nothing about the wedding dresses in any of the collections is harsh and overly tailored. They are not stiff and boring and at the same time, they are not too flouncy or unstructured. They are a perfect combination of elegance and romanticism for the bride who dreams of looking and feeling like she has stepped into the pages of a fairy tale or into a mythical land. You can see it for yourself at ted-wu.com

Ted Wu bridal boutique is the perfect place to find your ethereal wedding gown; tailored and expertly designed to make your wedding day a most memorable and special event and to make you feel magical the entire day. Enter your marriage looking and feeling like a fairy angel in a special Ted Wu design.

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