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Golden Horse Awards Bridal and Studio Has everything for Your Wedding

Golden Horse Awards Bridal and Studio

8. Golden Horse Awards Bridal and Studio Has everything for Your Wedding

If you are still looking for that perfect wedding gown, and you haven’t even booked the photography or make up artists yet, don’t worry! The Golden Horse Awards is a bridal studio that offers all of these things for your wedding to make sure you stay relaxed and enjoy your wedding preparation and getting ready on the day. The elements of having a professional photographer there while you are getting ready, as well as a make up artist who can ensure you look perfect in your dramatic wedding gown will give you the chance to breathe and enjoy your wedding day.

The Golden Horse Awards Bridal and Studio is a team of professional designers with a passion for fashion and have created some of the most intricate, dramatic, opulent gowns you can imagine. They are romantic, different, fun, rich and elegant. These are the types of gowns you wear if you want to make a statement and look like amazing for your wedding.

The Special Styling Factor

Every designer leaves his or her trademark and every gown has uniqueness about them. The special aspect of the wedding gowns offered by Golden Horse Awards Bridal and Studio is their style. These gowns are characterized by the intricate details of embroidery and lace, bows, beads, crystals and massive amounts of fabric. There are expertly trimmed bodices complete with lace and hand embroidery, full ruffle skirts and pick ups, interesting use of fabric and layers.

Each style is meant to flatter and make the bride look elegant. Each gown is styled dramatically with lots of interesting aspects that make a stunning and stylish statement. The grace and exceptions beauty of these wedding gowns is endless and no matter which ones takes your fancy, you are assured of the best quality and will absolutely love it forever.

These wedding dresses are classic, yet contemporary and will catch the eye of everyone as you set foot inside your wedding venue. These gowns are so perfectly styled that you don’t even need large amounts of jewelry or a fancy hairstyle to enhance the features. This is why the Golden Horse Awards professional stylists and make up artists will ensure that you look perfect inside the gown of your choice.

Featured Delights

The wedding gowns from Golden Horse Awards are not just expertly styled, but every feature on the gowns is fun, delightful, unique, and striking. They will really take your breath away and are exquisitely merged to create an overall masterpiece. Just some of the eye catching features on the Golden Horse Awards wedding dresses are:

• Pick ups in the front, side and back of the dress
• Embroidery over satin and embroidery over sheer fabric
• Interesting layering of satin revealing intricate embroidery and beadwork
• Ribbons, fabric roses, and bows to accentuate certain parts of the gown
• Ruche bodices in various designs
• Pleated layers with draped satin
• Lace elements in unique designs
• Pretty ruffles and feathered fabric features
• Stunning waist elements and lots of gorgeous gathering

With so many unique features to choose from in each dress it can be quite a challenge to just select one gown for your special wedding day. When you look at each wedding gown on offer, you will notice these specific and dramatic features right away and understand the complicated elegance that has gone into each design. The fine details and effort that goes into designing and creating each one of these masterful dresses will allow you to appreciate and love it that much more.

Most of the wedding bridal gowns in the Golden Horse Awards collection are designed in an A-line shape that will suit most brides. It hides larger hips and flatters the waistline. The fitted bodices will also enhance your womanly beauty and the long flowing trains are the feature that many brides dream of as they walk down the aisle.

The Golden Horse Awards Feel

When you step into a Golden Horse Awards gown you will feel all your stresses and worries about your wedding day melt away. You will look in the mirror and love what you see – an elegant, modern, beautiful bride to be that is confident and alluring with al the qualities of a fairytale princess.

The high quality fabric of these gowns is sensual and smooth, flirty and fun with every detail and feature perfectly in place to give you just the right texture, flow and weight. The design compliments each fabric choice perfectly and uniquely allowing you to look and feel radiant.

These wedding gowns allow your happiness to shine through as you say “I do!” and step into your new life with your husband. He will glow with pride that you are his wife in your stunning Golden Horse Awards creation and each of your guests will ooh and aah over how wonderful you look.

No matter what type of gown you get and no matter what style you choose, you are guaranteed to look and feel your absolute best – and why not? It is your wedding day after all, and who wouldn’t want to look and feel special and all dolled up?

If you want to feel like a princess or a queen on your wedding day, as everyone stares at you in awe because you look so fantastic, then these are definitely your number one options when it comes to choosing your wedding gown. Remember that you can also get professional photography and an expert bridal make up artist to assist you and ensure that you feel just right in your dramatic gown creation. They can help make your wedding day dreams come true.

Is This the Brand of Wedding Gown For You?

So, you have looked at the wonderful designs offered by Golden Horse Awards and are thinking about choosing one to wear for your wedding day. But, how do you know if these gowns are perfect for you and if you will look as stunning as the models look in the photographs? Well, here are a few of the ways you can tell:

Do you want something that stands out from the crowd and that will be a real conversation piece for the entire day? Yes, these gowns are most definitely for you. They are mature, yet fun, stylish, yet dramatic, intricate yet beautifully formed.

Are you looking for a flattering shape? All the wedding gowns offered at Golden Horse Awards are perfectly designed and suited for all figures. Most of the gowns have an elegant A-line shape which flatters almost anyone and they also have gorgeous empire lines for flattering other figures. The amount of bead work and embroidery will also accentuate certain parts of the body and various figure flattering features have been added to every design.

Do you want to look like a perfect princess? Getting married is a once in a life time event and most brides dream of walking down the aisle as a princess about to marry her prince. These wedding gowns will certainly give you that look and feel and every aspect of them is fit for royalty, while at the same time being modern and trendy with lots of couture elements.

Are you a drama queen? Well, both these words describe the wedding gowns to the tee. They are sensual, dramatic, and queen like. They are for a confident woman who just wants her happiness to radiate and envelop the room. She wants to be the center of attention for her wedding – and why not?

Can you carry the gown? Well, anyone can carry off these gowns, which is why they are so wonderful. They have all sorts of aspects to them, making them special and unique for any bride and the different features will enhance different brides in different ways. Even if you are very short or very tall, thin or curvy, there are perfect gowns for each body type. The fabrics are chosen very carefully to ensure you don’t look frumpy or like a marshmallow and each beaded design is charming and will suit even those brides that don’t like overly fussy outfits.

It is easy to find a few of these wedding gowns that will flatter you and that will be “the one”. All that remains is for you to make a decision as to which one is the ultimate favorite, which might be harder than you think – good luck!

Call Golden Horse Awards at +65-6337-8929 and tell them that Romance-Fire.com sent you.

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