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The Sense of Style and Touch of Elegance from Di Gio Bridal

Di Gio Bridal

7. The Sense of Style and Touch of Elegance from Di Gio Bridal

If you have been searching for that sophisticated, modern and stylish wedding gown, Di Gio Bridal may just have exactly what you are looking for. Their designer wedding gowns are made for the discerning bride and are exquisitely created to make an impact for any wedding. There are a number of distinct style and designs that are feminine and classic. They pride themselves on offering old world detailing like beading and embroidery combined with contemporary styling to offer every bride just what she is looking for.

The romantic feel of these gowns will ensure that your wedding day is a day to be remembered forever and with attention to detail of every feature, these wedding dresses are a true investment. Di Gio Bridal is a team of experts that want to make your wedding day special and to this end, they offer bridal make up artists, hair stylists, photographers, floral arrangements and men’s wedding attire. This element will ensure that you have less to stress about on your wedding day and will make your planning process hassle free.

Di Gio emphasizes that their gowns are modern with a twist and while being innocent, modern and sleek are also sensual, romantic and elegant. Simplicity and sensuality are the key elements in the Di Gio designs, but the intricate detailing and perfect finishes on each gown make them stunning and bold at the same time.

The Sense of Style

Di Gio bridal gowns offer each bride-to-be a sense of style with whatever gown they choose. Each one is made to flatter the female form perfectly and using fine textured silks, satins and lace, makes them gorgeously sophisticated and graceful. For any wedding, even a garden wedding or beach wedding, these gowns will offer that intriguing, beautiful, romantic touch that you dream of for your wedding day.

There is a vintage flair in the styles of the wedding gowns, but this is subtle and combined with modern touches to make them suitable for any bride. There are also hints of color in certain styles and makes for a bold statement if you are so inclined. With gorgeous soft lines and detailing in every cut, the Di Gio wedding gowns echo the eras of the 30s and 40s perfectly, while also hinting at days of yore when kings and queens were revered.

The style of each dress is enhanced by the fabulous beadwork and intricate detailing of embroidery. There are also fun, flirty accents on some dresses like feathers, bows, beading, ribbon and more. The styles make you feel like a princess and the modern elements give you confidence. These gowns will most definitely give you the edge when you are getting married.

Unique Features for your Wedding Dress

Di Gio prides itself on offering unique, creative features for each of its wedding gowns. They are largely characterized by brilliant detailing in embroidery and glass beading, but they also make sure they are modern and trendy by adding some interesting elements in fun colors like red, blue, gold and pink. These can be in the form of silk roses, ribbons and even the embroidery in some places.

Another of the pretty features used on the wedding gowns is lace. This lends a romantic touch to the dresses and can be used on the bodice, sleeves, skirt and to spruce up simple lines on a dress. The softness of chiffon has a similar effect and is used on a satin gown as a flowing train down the back or added to the front as a pretty layer. Each simple gown type is enhanced by the features of the Di Gio designs. The necklines and back lines are interesting and sensual, while the fabrics are used in sometimes unconventional ways to make each gown stand out from the rest.

Making use of these features will give you a modern twist to some vintage lines and traditional dresses have been given a refreshing make over. Choosing one of the Di Gio gowns is a fabulous investment and will ensure that you look superb on your wedding day.

You can easily be the talking point of the day with one of these gowns and whether they are enamored by your grace and beauty or fascinated with your uniquely design, you can smile with delight. Of course you will want to have everyone stare at you in wonderment and remark about how stunning you look.

With the unique features that each gown represents you will also have to choose your jewelry, make up and hair very carefully to enhance the gown and make it sparkle. This is why Di Gio offers a wedding consultant for the day so that you can rest assured you are getting the best. This is far better than going to another stylist as they will not know what your dress looks like on you or what the gown is meant to express. The team at Di Gio, on the other hand, understands the concept behind each design and will work to infuse this into your hair and make up for the day to make you look perfect.

Pretty as a Princess

Fairy tales are not complete without a royal wedding at the end and your marriage is no different. The trendy, yet vintage designs of the Di Gio dresses will make sure you get your fairy tale wedding and the perfect dress to match that will make you feel like a pretty princess on her way to the royal ball afterwards.

The lines of the Di Gio gowns are simplistic enough to suit any shape and size, and will be made unique by the detailing and features that are added onto it layer by layer. Feeling your best on the day you get married is probably more important than looking your best (although all you bride’s-to-be out there will disagree!) and if you feel happy, confident, relaxed and excited about your nuptuals it will radiate and make your wedding day the happiest of your life. This is why the Di Gio gowns are designed to fit perfectly and flatter everyone, so that you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in any way.
These gowns are so luxurious and stylish that you will not want to even take it off for your reception. You can also rest assured that your photographs will look amazing as the intricate detailing and finishes are made to be picture perfect. Whether you are posing outside, on a staircase, in a church, or at a marquee you don’t have to think twice about checking your dress and fixing it at all. It is made to last and be stunning for the entire day and night. The workmanship is flawless and every detail is so well crafted.

Getting Married in a Di Gio Bridal Design

While many brides go from place to place, searching endlessly through boring rails of wedding gowns to find a good fit and cut, the Di Gio bridal collection at digiobridal.com will have you in awe. You are sure to love just about every gown on offer and will probably have a difficult time choosing your favorite.

This is mostly due to the modern trendiness coupled with the old traditional cuts and styles that we are all familiar with. This cleverly makes you feel comfortable at once and gives you a clear idea of what will suit you and what features are best for you. There are different types of Di Gio wedding gowns to suit all tastes and brides.

The embroidery bride loves all the intricate beadwork and embroidery on her gowns. If you are a bride like this, you will be able to find a few stunning gowns for you. There will also be options for a-line skirts, closer fitting ones and princess styles. You can make these gowns as modern or as traditional as you like and add long gloves or interesting jewelry to them.

The romantic bride will love all the lace and feathers, pick ups and flowy trains of chiffon. There are also more modern dresses that make use of chiffon and lace to soften the effect for those romantic brides that are opting for a less formal wedding ceremony.

The daring bride will choose the interesting colors and bolder features like red roses, feather and rose side pick ups and other accents like long ribbons at the waist, and even some French boudoir inspired black embroidery. Even if you are not normally daring, these gowns are just too beautiful for words and will inspire you to go for it for this once in a lifetime occasion.

You should choose this brand of wedding gown if you are a bride who only wants the best, and who wants to feel sensual, sophisticated and romantic on her wedding day. Passion, elegance, grace and beauty are the key signatures of the Di Gio wedding gowns and when you purchase one of the gowns you will feel this radiate from you as you walk toward your husband-to-be to pledge your eternal love.

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