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4 Wedding Themes You Can Discuss With Your Groom

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a. Color Themed Weddings

Let?s first start with the color themed weddings. The theme must run throughout your entire wedding, but you do not have to make it boring and predictable. You are allowed to use other colors and a splash of creativity will always go down well. Let?s say you decide on a pink and gold wedding theme. Your table d?cor can reflect this with gold overlays on white cloths. Then accent it with lovely pink roses or chrysanthemums. Even a single, pale pink rose will do the trick. Do not go over board, but make it classic and interesting.

b. Floral Themed Weddings

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When you are thinking about your wedding cake, you can bring in a floral theme where little pink, edible flowers can be made to garnish it. For a striking effect use a pure white cake with gold ribbons flowing off it and topped with strawberries to bring in the pinky color.

c. Period Themed Weddings

A period themed wedding is always fun. You can go wild and make sure every detail is covered even down to the outfits of the waiters. For instance, a medieval wedding can conjure up visions of horses, castles, shimmering fabrics and forest beings. You can have a garden or forest wedding and make all your guests dress accordingly.

d. Animal/Object Themed Weddings


If your theme is based on a specific object or animal like butterflies or flowers, then you can make it as creative as you like. For butterflies make sure you have plenty of butterfly images hanging in your reception venue. Your florist will only be too happy to add some lovely butterflies onto your wedding flowers. You can basically choose any colors for your flowers that you love, but try to create striking focal points and do not over do anything.

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