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5 Tips To Be A House Husband

House Husband
from luckypictures


It has been a while I have last updated my wedding blog. My apology.

It has been a roller-coaster ride for my life for the past few weeks.

I am preparing myself to be a house-husband when my first child comes. So that is why I am working really hard to set up my home business.

Being a husband and a bread-winner, it has never been easy. In Asian context, a man “must” have a successful career to be termed as “successful”.

Hardly anyone around us knows the meaning of “house husband”. Most have never heard it before. lol.

At this point in my time, the feelings for this big transition is kinda of confusing. On one hand, I am having my dream job and to me, it is never a job. It is fun!

While building up my own online business, it has been fun too and I am still enjoying it.

I know many of you are preparing your wedding and money drains out of your pocket like nobody’s business. And one of the fastest ways to make more money to your bank account is to start your own business.

(When I say “fastest”, I do not mean like within a day or two. It may takes months to build the business and stabilise it so that it is profitable.)

Anyway, here are 5 tips you can easily follow if you want to work from home so that you can spend more time with your family.
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15 Ways to Plan Your Finances for Your Marriage in the Long Term

from emdot

Getting married is a time in someone’s life where they are in love and almost oblivious to everything else, especially finances. The planning starts with the wedding and honeymoon, but most of the time brides and grooms will set this aside as a “once in a lifetime event”, and become lenient on their budgets.

While this is bad, it cannot be helped by some people, and they always assume they will be able to get out of debt again. This can be very hard and once you start your married lives together there are so many other financial implications that you have to worry about. This is why planning for the long term is so important for your marriage; even if you don’t think it will make a difference now.
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15 Things You Have to Note While Managing Your Finances with Your Spouse

managing bride finance
from kyliu99r

With marriages becoming harder to work at every day and the divorce rate constantly on the rise, how can you make sure you are not one of those in the soon to be divorced or divorced category? Well, one of the most important factors to take into consideration in a marriage is the finances. Monetary matters are always the most difficult to work out and often the most sensitive of subjects to brooch, but it is really necessary if you want to have a good married life free from stresses and disappointments. There are 15 main things you must make note of when managing your finances with your spouse so that you stay out of debt and keep your marriage on a good, even keel.

1. Keep Communicating

This is really very important, because lack of communication about most things causes problem, but when it comes down to money, this can spell disaster, not only for your bank account but for your marriage too. If you want to invest or buy things, save, donate, or anything else regarding your money you must talk about it. Even if you earn the money, your spouse still has a right to know everything about where it is going and how you are going to spend it.
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How Important is a Family Finance?

During courtship, spending money is a trivial matter.

The boyfriend only needs to bring enough money for that one afternoon or a full day outing with his grilfriend.

Let’s take a look at the expenditure.

A few dollars for bus and train transport, another tens of dollars for a meal for two plus maybe a few dollars for taxi transport.

When will be the times more money will be spent?

Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries and most importantly Valentine’s Day.

The sum of money doesn’t really amount to alot.

And again, after courtship, it is easy to propose and make the proposal a really romantic one.

If the guy can afford, so be it. He can spend his few months’ of salary on arranging a romantic proposal at a resort after a splendid dinner with live love songs being played at the back.

And of course he needs to buy a reasonably expensive proposal ring, preferably one with diamond.

Then, here comes the wedding planning.
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Finance is One of the Top 2 Stressors for Your Marriage

As Featured On Ezine Articles

broken relationship

I was listening to class 95FM and the DJ mentioned that a study has been done recently showing that finance and social are the top 2 stressors for a marriage.

This reminded me of what happened yesterday over dinner with my relatives. One of my cousins wanted to go overseas for holiday. In the past, when I was her age (about 17), I would wonder why it was so difficult to ask for an oversea trip.

My parent always mentioned that just work hard so that I could pay for the trip myself.

Now as a husband, I understood that there is more than the working hard.

It involves financially savvy for the family.

Let’s say you bring home $2,000 per month. Your wife takes about $700 for the household expenditure including marketing, buying household items like detergents and washing powder.
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