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12 Never Been Told Secrets Of Wedding Magazines

Wedding Secrets
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Soon-to-be Brides often anticipate their wedding day to be nothing short of a fairytale. Visions of flowing gowns, the perfect setting, and all their family and friends congregating together on their big day can, at times, cloud their perception of possible trouble ahead.

Bridal magazines don?t help in this, either. Many magazines focus their attention on ideas for themes or dishes to serve at the wedding and don?t offer the brides any warning about common wedding mishaps. Then, when a bride discovers an already looming mishap and becomes understandably upset, she runs the risk of being titled a ?Bridezilla.?
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1 BIG Mistake Any Wedding Magazine Will Never Tell You

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Do you know how you can be a wedding expert?

If you gobble up all the best 3 bridal magazines and surf the net and look through at least 20 posts of the best 3 wedding blogs, you can become one.

It doesn’t take years to get a wedding degree if there is one.

I bought 10 wedding magazines at a local big book store at one go and I digested every single page within one week.

Interestingly, there are so many advertisements of pretty brides in their gorgeous-looking gowns and that is why it is so easy to read.

On average, there is only about ten pages of written info whereas the other 150 pages are all wedding advertisements.

Men and even women want to take a second look or a third or fourth or fifth.

I realise that pictures of splendid-looking models in their very expensive and most of the times branded wedding gowns are very addictive to a certain extent.
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