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1 BIG Mistake Any Wedding Magazine Will Never Tell You

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Do you know how you can be a wedding expert?

If you gobble up all the best 3 bridal magazines and surf the net and look through at least 20 posts of the best 3 wedding blogs, you can become one.

It doesn’t take years to get a wedding degree if there is one.

I bought 10 wedding magazines at a local big book store at one go and I digested every single page within one week.

Interestingly, there are so many advertisements of pretty brides in their gorgeous-looking gowns and that is why it is so easy to read.

On average, there is only about ten pages of written info whereas the other 150 pages are all wedding advertisements.

Men and even women want to take a second look or a third or fourth or fifth.

I realise that pictures of splendid-looking models in their very expensive and most of the times branded wedding gowns are very addictive to a certain extent.

And now I know why most women said they don’t look good in their own wedding gowns. Simply because they are comparing themselves to the models who they see in the bridal magazines.

Oh my! What a terrible mistake?

Magazines are there to help you make a better decisions of what gowns fit you and not judge whether you are prettier than the bride or not.

I know of bride who are perfectly slender mentioning that she looks plump. Then how would she describe other brides who are of bigger nature?

So next time, when you are thinking of getting hold of a wedding magazine, ask yourself what you want to get out of it.

– Is it just purely for leisure reading?

– Is it to get more wedding info?

– Is it because you want to pretend to look good?

Be clear of what you want out of the wedding magazines.

However, we are all emotional creatures and we shop on impulse and we are emotionally affected by the bridal photos we see.

It is hard not to commit the same mistake as million of brides out there had already done so.

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