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Journey Through Parenting

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Wedding planning takes up only one year of our time. Maybe some of us take up another two to three years for honeymoon and maybe spend these times rearing puppies rather than having babies.

I know of a friend who wants their honeymoon period to be at least five years. One is abroad and the other one is in Singapore.

They still want to feel single in the sense and enjoy life with each other at times. The one in Singapore still goes clubbing with friends once in a while.

Who says you can’t enjoy singlehood after married? My friend is doing it.

My cousin just had her baby and now the honeymoon period had disappeared.

No more honeymoon period for them. No more.

The focus is on the baby, my cute nephew.

She mentioned she had to feed the baby with breast milk or other milk once every 2 to 3 hours.

And there goes her 10 hours of sleeping time she had before her wedding.

I guess if I am the dad, I will come home and play with my baby.

See, the attention is all on the baby!!!

What happens when the baby grows up?

Are you equipped with the right parenting skills?

Again, you may hold a Masters in Child Psychology but when it comes to your very own kid, you are going to feel as helpless as 99% of the world’s parents out there.

Parenting a child is also dealing with your own childhood issues.

We do in some ways, parent our children just like how our parents parent us.

Make sense?

If your dad focuses on academic, most likely you have the similar expectation on your child.

If your mom dotes on you alot, you may do similarly to your child.

Wedding-planning takes 1 year. Honeymoon period takes 5 years. Parenting is forever!!!

So for those couples looking at having a child, are you really ready?

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