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Considering Eloping To Las Vegas?


from 31446133@N08

After considering all the expense of a formal wedding, hundreds of details and preparations to handle and months of stress, eloping to Las Vegas might seem like a good idea. 100,000 people every year get married in Las Vegas and the city has been called the Marriage Capital of the World.

That reputation started in 1912, when California imposed a three-day wait after getting the marriage license. It was called the “Gin Law” because legislators passed the law to reduce the numbers of drunk, impulsive weddings.
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7 Tips For A Romantic Honeymoon I Have Learnt From My 2 Weeks Japan Honeymoon

reading under maple leaves
lazing around in a park reading on where to go next

It was a wonderful 2 weeks’ break that my wife and I had. It was a trip to Japan and our itinerary covered popular tourist hotspots like Tokyo, Nagano (Matsumoto), Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Hakone and back to Tokyo again.

It was an amazing 2 weeks’ long break and it was in fact the longest vacation we had ever since we got married exactly 2 years ago.

Now, I am totally recharged!!!

I have been asking around from my close group of female friends and most are too busy with their work to commit themselves to take such a long break. Perhaps a 3 to 5 days’ holiday to a nearby country such as Taiwan or Malaysia is more realistic and practical.

The “what if my company needs me” mentality plagued their lives.
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Honeymoon Flights To Nowhere!

Honeymoon Flights
photo from snowtank2007

With the New Rich (NR) coming along, there is no limit to the number of leaves you can take for your honeymoon.

NR is a new group of online entrepreneurs who made their millions, if not billions online within a span of 5 years and they are still young (in their twenties) and going to get married.

In summary, they work for themselves and there is no need to get their leaves approved by someone else.

They approve their own leaves.

So let’s say you are one of the new rich with at least 4 weeks of honeymoon to cover, where will you get your flight tickets?
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I Want To Go Maui Spa Honeymoon!

Spa Honeymoon
photo from Waterfall Spa

I have always thought that wedding planning is fun.

Yes, it is!

And at the same time, it is very tiring, worst than my final year project which I took in my final year of my University days.

If I have the chance to choose again for my honeymoon destination, I would love to go for a Maui Spa Honeymoon.

Why a spa honeymoon?

Imagine slipping into comfortablen spa robes and spending your first few days doing nothing and getting your well-deserved rest.

Of course, the eventual purpose is to relax our tired bodies, epsecially after 12 months of continous wedding planning.
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A Second Honeymoon and the next

honeymoon trip
photo from Matt Durben

Have you gone for your second honeymoon?

Nope, it is not a typo error.

What about your third honeymoon or the fourth one?

Have you bought your air tickets?

As for us, we had gone for our honeymoons. (Take note of the “s”)

The first one was to Seoul and Jeju of South Korea and the second one was to Hong Kong.

The third one will be coming soon and it will be to Japan.
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