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I Want To Go Maui Spa Honeymoon!

Spa Honeymoon
photo from Waterfall Spa

I have always thought that wedding planning is fun.

Yes, it is!

And at the same time, it is very tiring, worst than my final year project which I took in my final year of my University days.

If I have the chance to choose again for my honeymoon destination, I would love to go for a Maui Spa Honeymoon.

Why a spa honeymoon?

Imagine slipping into comfortablen spa robes and spending your first few days doing nothing and getting your well-deserved rest.

Of course, the eventual purpose is to relax our tired bodies, epsecially after 12 months of continous wedding planning.

You know wedding planning can be stressful too and stress is never good for the women’s skins.

They may add a few lines of wrinkles here and there and most women would want this to happen to them.

One year of wedding planning equals to 365 days of stressful days. If a month adds a new wrinkle, how many new wrinkles will we have after a year. And no amount of make-up can conceal them.

So, the advice I can give to newly-wed couples is go for a spa honeymoon. Bring your bathrobes along and be indulge in half-a-day of spa to soothe your tired body.

I think they deserve it and so do you.

And for a little bit more of fun: let everyone know you have just married and get the bride spa robes which are terry robes.

So have fun!

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