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3 Low Cost Ways To Get Your Wedding Cars

rolls royce wedding car
photo from Kamera boy

Car is a necessity for your wedding and in our Chinese culture, the groom always come in the wedding car to fetch the bride early in the morning.

So travel in style in your wedding cars to fetch your princess.

There are 3 low cost ways to get your wedding cars and here they are.

1. Get your own car

You can get your own car for your wedding. Anyway, you need a car after your wedding. You become a chauffeur for your family for life.

I know you are going to say you have no money and I know you have already spent a big boom on your wedding. So you can always get loans such as auto loans.

There are many online websites which offer auto loans.

2. Bridal package

Most packages have wedding cars included. If there is none, use your negotiating skills to get a car for free or at a lower price. It is usually cheaper than renting a car separately from another company. So there is no need to spent extra just to get a luxurious car for your wedding.

3. Borrowing from friends or relatives

I know of friends who are getting married and they borrow their wedding cars from friends or relatives who have cars suitable for wedding cars.

For example, this friend of mine borrows his uncle’s Mercedes Benz and his uncle offers to be his chauffeur as a wedding gift.

He is so nice, isn’t he?

So do ask around and you can surely get a wedding car of your dream. Remember, even if you have no money, there is always auto loans available.

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