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Moving Houses : 3 Greatest Tips You Need To Know!

moving houses
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After marriage, there are many things to get adapted to.

There is new environment, new house, new “parents”, new life.

One of the biggest headaches is moving houses.

It is a chore to move your belongings from your parents’ house to your new house.

Personally, I have never moved houses before, but I certainly can feel the pain and trouble from my common friends who are shifting houses.

And here are 3 tips which you should know if you want to minimise the hassle.

1. Engage a Moving Company
Who says you need to get your hands dirty when moving houses?

There is absoulutely no need to break a drop of sweat. You just need to pay someone to help move your boxes.

Of course, you need to get the boxes readily packed as you are the only one who knows what you need to pack or to throw away.

Just get the boxes ready and the movers from the moving company will help you move.

2. Label all your boxes and make a list
The number one mistake that people who are new to house-moving is they never have a systematic way of getting things in order.

I know not many can say they have lots of experience moving houses. But they sure have heard of friends who have.

Label all your boxes. For example, the box that contains the bedroom stuff can be labelled as “BR 1”.

If you know the total numberof boxes just for your bedroom’s stuff, say 10, you can label it s “BR 1/ 10”

The “10” reminds you how many boxes you have packed and it is easy for the moving companies to arrange them in their delivery trucks.

3. Put the fragile items in separate boxes.

You may even want to add colored tapes onto boxes for easy identification. A preferred color is red which represents “caution”. You wil also want to indicate “this way up” so that the boxes are always placed upright.

It is easy if you are moving within the same country. What about for wedding couples who are moving out of the country?

I can only suggest this: engage professional International movers.

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