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Wedding cakes are high-profile pastry, and it’s often difficult to cut corners on this expense. After all, you can’t just dress up a Betty Crocker powder mix with sprinkles. However, there are ways to cut costs and still have something beautiful.

Don’t do cake: If you don’t care for cake, don’t have it. It will save you money and you’ll get to eat something you really enjoy. Consider setting up an ice cream or fruit bar instead. You’ll save while still getting what you want.

Cupcakes instead of cake: Instead of paying a baker to construct a multi-tiered cake, consider doing a more economical cupcake tree.

Hire an individual instead of a bakery: Individual bakers have lower overhead and often make cakes as a fun side job.

Rent your cake: Renting a fake cake can provide a huge cost savings over a regular one. They are generally made out of foam, with one real slice for the bride and groom to cut out. The guests are served a real sheet cake that comes with the rental.

Order a small cake for cutting: If you don’t like the idea of a fake cake, you can still do something similar. Just order a small decorated cake to cut, then have sheet cake in the kitchen for your guests.

Decorate a plain cake with flower petals: Part of the expense of wedding cakes are their ornate decorations. To cut this cost, decorate a plain white cake with flower petals. Just be sure to avoid flowers that may make your guests sick.

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