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A Second Honeymoon and the next

honeymoon trip
photo from Matt Durben

Have you gone for your second honeymoon?

Nope, it is not a typo error.

What about your third honeymoon or the fourth one?

Have you bought your air tickets?

As for us, we had gone for our honeymoons. (Take note of the “s”)

The first one was to Seoul and Jeju of South Korea and the second one was to Hong Kong.

The third one will be coming soon and it will be to Japan.

My wife has always wanted to visit Japan after she has heard of the amazing stories of Japan’s culture and of course, something else which all women adore.



Who doesn’t like shopping? Maybe myself.

As we are not really well-off, we would really would like to save more on the hotels as well as the air tickets.

It is something that all wedding couples would also like to take note of.

Do save as much as you can on your hotel accomodations and air tickets (and perhaps it is an excuse you can spend more shopping!)

Imagine for your wedding, you have spent your last 10 years’ of savings within a short while.

Wow! It was cerainly unbelievable!

Talk about bleeding wallets and bank accounts.

Haha…and you still need money for your after-wedding life and your family.

And you certainly need more wallets and bank accounts for this new life journey.

So back to your many more honeymoons, what you can save is your hotel accomodations and air tickets.

So do plan your budget properly before you embark on your honeymoon and probably many more honeymoons after that.

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