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Purple Wedding Gown

purple wedding gown

from serendipityprom.com

I think there are so many wedding gown designs available and not even one of them may suit you.

You got to understand that wedding gowns are designed from the perspective of the designers.

The designers have their pretty bridal models in front of them and based on their artistic gut feeling, they designed their ideal wedding gowns.

I suggest whenever any bride chooses her wedding gowns, she had to try with an open mind.

Perhaps you found a design you really like and you snip the page off from the wedding magazine and bring it along to the bridal studio during your first trying.

However, when you looked in the mirror, you realised that what you saw was not really what you had in mind.

Do try on a few more wedding gowns. Maybe another ten to fifteen pieces. Then, you will have a better idea what kind of wedding gown is suitable for you.

Here are some findings off Google Images on “purple wedding gowns”. Interestingly, there is not really many designs.

So here are the purple wedding gowns I found. Hope it is useful for some of you have have a purple wedding theme in mind.

purple wedding gown

from bridaldesign.co.nz

purple wedding gown

from easyweddings.com.au

purple wedding gown

from easyweddings.com.au

purple wedding gown

from designsbytara.net

How do you find the purple wedding gowns? Do share with me in the comments or discuss this in our Romance-Fire Wedding Forums.

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    tara Says:

    please help i need some colors to go with a mauveish purple for a wedding….peach???

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