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How Important is a Family Finance?

During courtship, spending money is a trivial matter.

The boyfriend only needs to bring enough money for that one afternoon or a full day outing with his grilfriend.

Let’s take a look at the expenditure.

A few dollars for bus and train transport, another tens of dollars for a meal for two plus maybe a few dollars for taxi transport.

When will be the times more money will be spent?

Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries and most importantly Valentine’s Day.

The sum of money doesn’t really amount to alot.

And again, after courtship, it is easy to propose and make the proposal a really romantic one.

If the guy can afford, so be it. He can spend his few months’ of salary on arranging a romantic proposal at a resort after a splendid dinner with live love songs being played at the back.

And of course he needs to buy a reasonably expensive proposal ring, preferably one with diamond.

Then, here comes the wedding planning.

The finance becomes tighter and tighter as the money in the guy’s pocket starts to deplet.

I have heard of friends splurging at least fifty thousands US dollars on their weddings.

It is fine if both families are wealthy and they agreed to contribute to part of the wedding expenses.

However, what about those who pretended to have deep pockets? They end up most of the times with a mountain of debts to be shared with their wives.

Being in debts isn’t a sound start for a marriage life.

I even have friends who postponed their weddings because of the fact they realised they don’t have much money after all, after the proposal was done.

I started saving for my wedding ever since I first started work and the saving plan was to be at least 2 years. My wife was not aware of it.

It was long term planning for our future.

Now after marriage, we have to start from ground zero, having spent every single cent we saved on our wedding.

I have dreams for our marriage life such as paying my wife’s loans, paying my first car in cash and in full and building my business so I will never work again.

Having to spend the past one year learning the financial ropes was really tough. I worked from 9 to 6pm for my normal job and I spent the next half of the day on building my dream.

It was really tough and many times, I want to give up. But to have the dream of my wife living better pushes me on.

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