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Pink Sony and Canon S3 Cameras for Professional Wedding Photographer?

I was given the heavy responsiblity of being my cousin’s “professional” wedding photographer on her big day.

Armed with only a Sony T100 (luckily not a pink Sony Camera) and my Canon S1 digital camera (the latest one is Canon digital Powershot S3, I will be the wedding photographer for the whole day.

Oh my! Now I’m super-stressed.

My cousin’s wedding is going to be in December 07 and I really look forward to her big wedding day.

I heard that she will be getting some more friends to help her take photographs and I certainly hope that they can be better, if not the best wedding photographers she can find.

I have never felt so stressful about taking wedding day photographs.

I remembered during my own wedding planning, it was stressful to find the right wedding photographer. So now when I come to think of it again, I wonder if I am up to the mark to help take photos for my cousin.

I did take some photos for her during her solemnisation. It was fun snapping away.

Cool! I’m going to be one-day wedding photographer!

I’m sure it will certainly be fun and exciting to capture different shots from different angles, just like a photojournalistic wedding photographer.

I only have 2 digital cameras and Now let’s take a look what type of camera I will be using and give it a Sony digital camera review:

Sony T100:

sony cyber shot digital camera
from image-acquire.com

So far, I have been really satisfied with my Sony T100 digital camera. I think initally my wife bought it partially because of the “face-detection” feature of up to 8 faces.

I think it is really cool that the faces are sharply portrayed in the photos.

Plus, it was not bulky and very handy to carry anywhere you want. I can even slip it into my breast pocket and travel around.

1 battery can last me for the whole day for not frequent taking. I remember I brought it to Vietnam, Ho Chih Minh and each battery lasted me for the whole day.

So, what about my cousin’s wedding? I hope these two batteries can last me for the entire continous snapping.

Anyway, I bought it at this shop, M S Color in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore and the price difference is about S$50 compared to prices at major electrical products shopping malls such as Best Denki and Harvey Normans.

sony cyber shot digital camera
from digitaltrends.com

sony cyber shot digital camera
from cache.gizmodo.com

pink sony cyber shot digital camera
from blog.wired.com

Next in the list is my Canon S1 Digital Camera.

camera canon digital powershot s1
from blog.wired.com

This camera has been with me for about 3 years and I got it for about S$600 when it was first launched. I bought it at Alan Photo in Sim Lim Square, Singapore and there were a number of freebies from extra compact flash card to camera batteries. I really hoped at that time they can throw in some more digital camera accessories.

I must admit the full potential of this Canon Camera S1 had not be reached and I’m still using the Auto-mode.

camera canon digital powershot s1
from creativepro.com

camera canon digital powershot s1
from dpreview.com

There was a period of time I was felt the impulse to purchase Canon Digital PowerShot S3. I like the 12 times zoom compared to 10 times zoom.

As my camera ages, I realised the lens was quite slow in retracting when I off it.

Let’s see if there is any upcoming Sony digital camera sale that I can pop by in the near future.

Meanwhile, I will be look through my own wedding photos and practising to brush up my photography skills.

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