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Finally Found My Wedding Photographer

a great relief!!! After my fiancee has sourced for at least 4 photographers, we have finally sticked to me and booked him for our wedding day.??How it all started is my fiancee got her first contact from a friend and though the first photgrapher she had contacted was booked, she asked for a referral.?

Then, she will contact the second one and tell him she was referred. Hmmm…maybe got discount if we tell him we are referred.

My fiancee cold-called 4 to 5 photographers and went to see 4 of them. Actially, we are supposed to see 2 today and 1 tomorrow, we cancelled them because we have made up our mind.

The credit of finding all these photgraphers all goes to her and I want to thank her for the effort.

Generally, all photographers have different styles of photography. Some preferred the more traditional type – you look at the camera and I shoot. The conventional type is the photographer shoots from far and you are not aware you are bing shot at. The term we used here is “capturing of the moment”. Next moment, it will be gone. Get it?

Many times, when we are going to take a photo of someone, we called out to him and say “look here” What happens next? A moment ago he was smiling happily. The next moment, he grew conscious of himself and the smile looks faker. The most natural smile is the beautiful one.

I choose my photgrapher because he is humble and he is very frank. I like his openess to give his customers feedback on how to take photographs and even to organise a wedding such that the couples, not the guests. enjoy. Hmmm…wondering if I can say his name out…but hhmmmm..free publicity ah…especially this blog is viewed by about 100 readers per day.

Anyway, this is his company “Let There Be Light.” I feel good photographers should be acknowledged for their work. A photograph is an art work and if it is alive, it can tell a story.

Here are his company’s work. (hope they don’t sue me for putting up their work in my blog. Like what I said, i will say it again. Great photos must share and hmmm..maybe this publicity can bring them more business…disclaimer: i got no commission or whatever benefits from them for putting their photos and link here.)


Image of an innocent child is always one of the photos to be captured


What could she be thinking?


Ouch? >.<


Teapot set for wedding

You can view more of their work at https://www.lettherebelight.com.sg/weddingday/wdg1_01.html

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