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Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination – Getting the Most Bang For Your Buck

There are many factors that come into play when deciding where to go for your honeymoon. You want to go somewhere fun and possibly exotic, but especially romantic. You also want a destination that has activities you two like to do, whether it be scuba diving, bargain hunting, beach walking, or museum visiting. The decision has to be made whether to go somewhere near or far and usually the amount of time you can take away from work plays into this.

One other big factor is the cost of the honeymoon. If you have your heart set on going somewhere that’s farther away than the other side of town, then consider the “high season”, “low season”, and “shoulder season” of your possible destinations.

High season is the time of year when your destination is the most popular. Consequently, it’s also the time of year when the airlines and resorts can charge the most money because everyone wants to go there then. It’s an example of supply and demand. Think spring break time in Florida, Palm Springs or Hawaii in the winter, or many parts of Europe in the summer. You have to carefully consider whether you want to pay bigger bucks to go to the popular destinations during high season, and if you can handle the crowds that will be there at that time.

Low season is when a location is at its cheapest price. This is Europe in the winter or Arizona in the summer. There is a reason why it’s less expensive at these times – people are not inclined to go there, usually because of the weather. Also note if it’s hurricane season during low season, or if it’s the time for monsoon, high winds, etc. Otherwise, this can really be a perfect time to go if you’re into winter sports or like really steamy heat.

Another time to consider is the shoulder season. This is the time between high and low season with either fall or spring-like conditions. As you might have figured out, the cost will be somewhere less than high season but more than low season, and the crowds should be in direct ratio with the season. Europe in the spring or fall is still perfectly nice, although not necessarily tanning-in-a-bikini weather. In fact, you may need to wear a light jacket and carry an umbrella, but at least it shouldn’t snow on you.

The bottom line is that you will be able to afford more honeymoon if you pick a destination during the less popular months. It may be that your first choice of perfect locations is too costly. What you can do is go with your second or third choice, or if it’s still early in the wedding planning stage, you can change the date of your wedding to a month that coincides with the best prices of your first choice for your honeymoon.

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