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My Wedding Story Continues … Committment

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I remember a friend told me that getting married is easy. But making your marriage works is even harder.

He is a proud father of 3 daughters, age 10, 12 and 16 and he has a lovely wife.

Many times, I am wondering how many children do we have in our new family.

Having planned our wedding and our nice honeymoon, we are now in debt. I think in Singapore, many couples are. Maybe 8 out of 10.

There are different types of debts, be it you loan your money from the bank or from your parents or from friends.

There are the lucky few who got their weddings fully sponsored by their parents.

Are they really lucky?

I doubt so.

Throughout these 1 year plus in my newly married life, I am driven by another type of hunger.

Hunger to provide more for my family.

There are these lucky few with high salary and very little or no debt to worry. But they have missed out alot of good times for training.

My wife and I learnt to save every bit of money we have and throughout this planning, we learn to understand and suport each other more.

We are humans after all and we have various money values. And I didn’t realise till we have some scuffles and disagreement when we come to talk about money.

Money is a really sensitive issue when both our pockets are really tight.

Donald Trump once said, “Money cannot solve everything but life is certainly better with some money around.

I think it is very true.

And I want to add on that wedding couples can really start off with little money and learn to build their love on solid foundation called pure love and support for each other.

Then, they learn to be financial savvy and they learn every bit of financial information they have to know to grow their savings for their family planning.

In summary, they make do with whatever little they have and make the most out of it.

I think this is really beautiful, at least from my perspective.

I learn to treasure my wife more and we spend quality time just by talking and laughing wtih each other.

You know when your wife is the most beautiful woman in the world, whatever she says make you happy.

To all guys reading the post, rather than getting jealous when other men star at your pretty wives, please love your wives more and truly accept them as who they are.

To all ladies reading this, hope your husband treasure you more and more everyday and with a loving husband, the wife gets prettier everyday.

Hmmm…I think this is the purpose of my wedding blog. To advocate that all men should treat their lovely wives at home with the utmost love and care they have.

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