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Thinking Of Wedding Venues In Chicago? Read On…

wedding venue in chicago
photo from reservoir osprey

A lot of time we would love to get married in overseas. What about a Las Vegas or Chicago Wedding?

Imagine a cruise on Lake Michigan, taking a tour up the golden mile. How lovely and romantic!

I have seen many beautiful TV advertisements featuring the fairytale-like wedding receptions they have overseas. And the free complimentary stay in the hotel is really tempting.

Many wedding couples love to have wedding venues in overseas. Even if they may not hold it in overseas, this idea of an oversea wedding reception would have crossed their minds somehow.

If you are considering having wedding venues in other countries, before you give the go-ahead, you have to sit down with your fiance and discuss these very important factors.

Here are 5 factors:

1. Money, money, money

Money will always be the top reason for the type of wedding you are going to have.

If wedding is free, then money matter won’t be such a big headache.

Ha, tell this to the wedding vendors to sponsor your weddings.

So, depending on your budget, it will determine how far away your wedding will be.

Let’s say you just have enough money for a proper wedding reception, you may want to consider economical places such as Thailand.

However, if budget allows, by all means, hold it in somewhere grand.

Possible wedding reception venues are Galleria Marchetti or The Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Chicago.

Another thing to note is the currency conversion. Always take note of it.

The Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Chicago
photo from idler

2. Your Family Decides?

Family matters will also be entangled with wedding matters.

They will also hope to play an active role in planning your wedding.

Sometimes, they become too helpful and want you to listen to them.

So, as much as you want to have your ideal dream wedding, what your parents say do have alot of weightage over what you want.

The trick here is to always hear from your parents and listen to their thoughts. Then, attempt to find opportunities to explain why you want your wedding in somewhere else.

Do it 6 to 7 times and more or less, they will relent. A word of caution. Do it tactfully. You will still want a happy wedding.

wedding venue in chicago
photo from wes craft

3. Transporting your guests

Have you thought of how you are going to transport your guests to your wedding venue?

Who is paying the travel expenses?

And if you are, have you included this in your overall budget?

Chicago is a major travel hub in America and it is served by O?Hare international airport.

You can reach Chicago from nearly any destination in the world, including Singapore.
4. Lodgings for guests

Your guests need to be housed somewhere, don’t they?

So where will they be staying? And are they going to stay in the same hotel?

Chicago provides hundreds of hotels and restaurants and so relatives attending will have many choices to choose from. This will make the chore of Chicago wedding planning much easier.

Using the internet, contact the hotels and restaurants first. You will need to make reservations before going.

Most importantly, be sure to book them as early as possible because popular hotels and restaurants get booked up fast. You may even need as much as a year and a half in advance for Chicago wedding reception bookings.

Discuss with your fiance. If your guests are staying too far from the wedding venue, you will need to look into their transport issues. So decide carefully which hotels and restaurants you are going to pick.
5. You have to send your whole wedding team

There are many more people you have to send.

If you are engaging your local wedding photographer, videographer, minister and so on, you will need to arrange and pay for their travel, lodging and food expenses.

This will accumulate to a very big sum.

If you can afford it, why not?

In wedding forums, I have read about brides who had Chicago Weddings and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chicago is like a one-stop centre for weddings. There are hundreds of wedding-related businesses available.

The Yellow Pages is filled with contacts of photographers, caterers, restaurants, videographers and many more.

So, you may not need to send your wedding troops there. Chicago, being the third biggest city, has many businesses to offer.

So, in short, it is once a lifetime dream. If you can afford it, by all means go ahead.

To add on, those planning their wedding in Chicago may wish to consider having their honeymoon there tool. Chicago has plenty to tourist hot spots which you can visit.

Start planning for your dream wedding now and I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Share with us your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

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