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Do You Receive Daily Wedding Gift?

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Wedding is a big event.

And so is everyday of your life with your spouse.

I am saddened by the fact that one of my female friends shared with me that the happiest day of her marriage life was her wedding day.

Why is it so?

They don’t go on dating any more. They don’t give surprises to each other any more. They don’t make their weekends interesting any more, beside going to their in-laws’ places.

Shouldn’t everyday of her marriage life be the happiest day?

I want to advocate for the cause that husband and wife should treat everyday of their lives together as the most precious.

However, sad to say, it is easier to say than to be done.

Alot of times, the marriage loses its flames soon after marriage.

Recently, I heard from my wife that one of her colleagues received a surprise from her boyfriend.

A bouquet of flowers was delievered to her office.

I think it was a very sweet gesture and of course, it would be nicer if the boyfriend can now and then sprinkles tinkles of surprises, and even after their marriage.

I was talking to my wife the other day and we were sharing how I have faired as a husband since the beginning of this year:

  • 1. Bought her a few bouquet of flowers to motivate her to start off her year well
  • 2. Bought another bouquet of flowers on Valentines’ Day
  • 3. Bought her some surprises to make her smile because I know she had a tough day
  • 4. Scheduled every Friday as a special just for both of us
  • 5. Scheduled two hours every night just to accompany each other to catch up on our daily events

As you can see, the gifts that you give to your spouse can be intangible. It can also means your time, your companionship, your presence and many more.

So, what kind of gifts you can give to your spouse? We would love to hear.

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