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Wedding Biggest Headache! 6 Stress Free Tips For Your New House!

moving house
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Do you think what is the biggest headache you can get from your wedding?

Yes! Your new house!

Initially you are very excited about moving into your new house with your newly bought rugs But you never realise the torrents of problems that are crushing you, in addition to the many other problems from planning your wedding alone.

Back to the house, there are many problems from moving the house and the furniture, cleaning the new house, getting new furniture, arranging the new furniture and preparing your new house for your wedding day.

In this post, I reveal 6 stress free tips to keep your sanity and still remain a happy bride.

1. Renovating the house:
Hire professional help to get your house fixed with all the cabinets and wardrobes installed. It is going to cost you a boom but it worths it.

2. Moving and cleaning the house:
If you can afford it, engage a professional moving company and save yourself from all the stress. In addition, engage a cleaning company too to help clear up the mess after all the renovation.

3. Planning the moving:
Also you need to come up with a proper schedule of to do tasks. Putting the area rugs first before your furniture needs some planning to be done. You won’t want to have your furniture here before your new rug comes. Don’t rush into all these and give yourself ample time to plan, even up to a year of planning.

4. Shopping for new furniture:
Spend some time shopping. A benefit for you is to break away from the wedidng-planning routine which can be tiring and brain-draining. Go take a look at the furniture and you will be surprised how designs have evolved over the years. You may want to get a comtemporary look for your new house and that include buying trendy modern sofas to contemporary rugs.
Sometimes, because of all the accumulating stress and tension, it will somehow distort your ability to think right and logically.

5. Giving yourself enough time:
Take your time to even come out with the best theme for your new nest as it is going to be the place where you are staying at least for the next few decades.

6. Additional tip:
Remember, it’s not worth losing your sleep and energy because of all these hassles, take these tip and advice and just remember to enjoy the process of this transition. And everything can be stress free after all.

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