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I Want To Buy My Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
photo from newvintagechicago

Recently, I read an article on house husbands, fathers who witness their babies every first.

These fathers took up the unconventional role of stay-home papa while their wives are out in the commercial world working.

It somehow is really strange. The more I want to be a house-husband, the more I see of such news about modern fathers staying at home to look after their little ones once after they are born.

How sweet!

Being a house husband is not easy. There are many mothering roles to be done from feeding the child to buying baby shoes for them, especially personalized baby shoes if you are willing to spend more.

I know nowadays mothers, especially the working moms, do not really fair well in how to take care of their babies.

But it is never too late to learn to take care of our young ones. We all need to start somewhere.

A vist to the local department store should do spark off the interest of outside classroom learning. A visit to the baby’s department spells out everything.

Look at those cute little baby shoes. They are of different designs ranging from embossed baby shoes, infant shoes, toddlers shoes, boys shoes, girls shoes and so much more. I haven’t even yet touched on the wide variation of colors that the shoes have.

Lately I also notice a new trend arising. It is customisation. I guess parents are more ready to spend more since they dote more on their little ones and also especially they only have one or at most two kids nowadays.

The one and only child at home is like a prince in a family kingdom.

So, parents are more willing to splash cash to get personalised baby shoes for their kids.

Even if you have no kid now and planning to have one, you still need to practice looking for the right shoes for your own kids in times to come.

One good opportunity is buying baby gifts for common friends who have babies. (My cousin’s baby is 1 month old by the end of this week.)

So, this could be the times to buy personalised baby gifts and shoes can be one of the gifts and you are well on your way to know how to buy your baby shoes when the time is right.

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