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Cheaper Hotels – Where To Get Them?

hong kong skyline
photo from chaspope
Hong Kong Skyline

We are planning our trip – again. Yes, again! Every year, we have consciously set aside two parts of the year to go oversea together as husband and wife.

Last year, we went to Hong Kong and we found cheap Hong Kong hotels. Why do we want to go to Hong Kong? In Hong Kong, it is a paradise for shoppers on its own. There are also many types of food to eat and you may not even have time to eat because you will be out there shopping like a fanatic. There are numerous Hong Kong-style and Japanese-style department stores, such as Times Square and Sogo. Causeway Bay is another Hong Kong’s shopping, gourmet and entertainment center which you must vist while in Hong Kong. Of course, there are plenty local food to try out in the restaurants on the streets! So you would need to spend at least 5 days in Hong Kong.

Do you know what is the most expensive travel item beside air ticket?

It is the lodging fees.

Knowing this, we have to find cheaper hotels due to budget constraint and if we are to carry on our “mission” of seeing at least two places every year. Money saved for this trip can be brought forward to the next, isn’t it?

So while in Hong Kong, look for cheaper accomodations so that you can splash over your extra money to other stuff.

And 8 August 2008 is coming. Aren’t families swarming to China, in particular Beijing for the long-awaited Olympics?

And rates of hotels will shoot up or have already shot up as we speak. While being in China, you may want to extend your stay there as there are many popular tourism sites such as the magnificient Great Wall of China. Again, depending on the number of days you are staying in China, you will need to look for hotels, particularly cheap China hotels.

Remember the message for you is to save money!

Since the Olympic is going to be held in Beijing, you are going to need to look for cheap Beijing hotels. Beijing offers an infinite amount of things to see and experience, and it is always a wise idea to extend your stay. Just like Hong Kong, Beijing, being China’s capital city, has tremendous amount of excitement and thrill to offer, including every kind of Chinese cuisine, gourmet, entertainment you can imagine.

And after visiting Beijing, you may also want to be more adventurous and venture to other places of interest such as Shanghai.

Shanghai is another well known tourism spot for some of the best shopping experiences. Shopping is an experience you will never forget. There are numerous shopping malls and department stores selling anything you can imagine from fine jewelry and watches to exotic branded bags. If you are on a tight budget, not to worry. There are cheaper alternatives such as handicraft and art work and you will also need to look for cheap Shanghai hotels to help you save money.

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