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Tips for Dressing the Flower Girl


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Most weddings have a flower girl, but in the hustle and bustle, it can be hard to remember that you need to plan what she’ll wear and what she’ll do. If you’re a bride, the choice of a flower girl can be difficult. After all, you may have many little girls in your family who would like to be involved in the wedding. Once you know who will be your flower girl, you’ll need to decide what she’s going to wear.

One thing that many people forget when dressing the flower girl is that she’s not a little doll or wedding accessory. Brides and mothers of the flower girl can both fall into the trap of trying to make their little darling look perfect, but not taking her comfort or interests into account. The result is an uncomfortable, unhappy little girl. So, when you’re figuring out what she’ll wear, remember to think about what it was like when you were little. Consider asking her opinion on dresses and styles – she probably has some preferences.

Most brides will want the flower girl’s dress to match the wedding’s theme and colors, and some may even want to choose a miniature version of the bride’s dress. If you’re thinking this way, remember to take the differences in a child’s body into account – a ballgown style may look fine, but a grown up sheath will look a little strange.

Keep prices low, and consult with the flower girl’s parents to make sure that the cost of the chosen dress is acceptable. Also, if you’re purchasing in advance, be sure you take into account the fact that she’s going to grow. That could mean choosing a dress that’s a little too big and altering it if she doesn’t grow to fit it. That’s smarter than ending up with a dress that’s too small.

Think about fabric types when you choose the dress for your flower girl, too. Since the dress is going to be worn by a child, you’ll want something that’s soft against the skin, doesn’t wrinkle, tear or stain easily, and which still looks dressy. Styles should be easy to put on and take off, with secure fasteners and nothing to trip over. Older flower girls can wear styles that are a little more complex, but young ones should definitely be in clothing that can stand up to a little abuse. If your flower girl is still too young to walk, consider having her pulled in a small decorated cart or wagon by one of the bridesmaids.

Shoes and accessories are important, too. Dressy flats that are comfortable to walk in are the best choice, and they should be suited to the surroundings. More formal shoes can be worn in a church, but outdoor weddings call for something a little more practical.

A simple hair ribbon or headdress will tie things together. Don’t go too far with hairstyles and accessories, since little girls may have trouble with them and they might not last. Remember that you’re dealing with a child, and dressing the flower girl will be a whole lot easier.

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