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If I Could do the Wedding Registry Thing Again…

from smoothdude

Sometimes, when planning our wedding, we benefit from the experience of those who have gone before us. I wish that I had talked to other married women before I got my bridal registry set up and asked them lots of questions, because if I had, I probably would have done things differently.

There is no right or wrong here, but now that I’m married and have gotten lots of presents via my bridal registry, I’d like to pass my hindsights on to you.

1. I wish I had registered at more than one place.
What did I know? I registered at one big department store figuring everyone knew that store. What I didn’t count on was that while this store was all over the west coast, it wasn’t on the east coast where my husband-to-be’s relatives were.

Now, you’d think that wouldn’t be a problem, they can order online from the store. But not all our aunts, uncles, 2nd cousins, and parents’ friends are Internet savvy. They want to go to the store, see and touch what they’re buying, watch it get wrapped, and send it off in the mail. I can understand there is satisfaction in that – picking out just the right present for a loved one.

2. I wish I had not let myself be bullied by the registry person and followed my own instincts.
The somewhat intimidating registry person explained the forms and told me I had to pick something from each category. So I did. Even though I didn’t want some of those things, I felt like I wouldn’t get an “A” in bridal registry if I didn’t use my #2 pencil to fill in the boxes. I wish there had been a box titled, “E, none of the above”.

Why indicate you want 4 fingertip towels or a toilet bowl brush when you don’t? With so many so-so items on your list, you run the risk of actually getting some of them.

I was also uncomfortable signing up for the really expensive pots and pans collection she steered me towards. I didn’t feel good about that at all. And bottom line – I would have been happier with an inexpensive but complete selection of pots than the one saucepan I ended up with because nobody could afford to buy any of the other expensive pieces.

3. I wish I had also registered with a charity.
Did you know you that some charities have gift registries? Neither did I at the time. Just think, if we’d registered with Heifer International, somebody in need could have received a cow or a flock of little chicks in our honor. That would have been a cool gift and definitely better than 3 blenders.

As I said, there is no right or wrong way with how you set up your gift registry. It depends on where you are in life and what your lifestyle is. These are three things I wish I’d known about before I signed up, and I’m sure your married friends could tell you even more when you ask them.

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