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Treat Yourself Well Ladies

bride toe spa
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This a short article contributed by one of my friends, Gwen.


Feel that your life is getting so messed up with the wedding plans, work and family? Lighten up your life with these quick and simple ways!

5 Ways On How to clean up your life from top to toe:

1. Trim your hair regularly and use a suitable shampoo. We should have the moisture ?shine? and not the ?oily? shine on our hair.

2. Do not leave the house without makeup. You will look and feel better with simple makeup will brighten up your face especially when you are already above 25.

3. Ensure you apply that deodarant (non-scented) if you sweat easily if not mask with body spray or perfume.

4. Shaved ladies! Your armpits, legs if you want to show them and also the ?forbidden? region!

5. File your nails and lighten up with nail polish!

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