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Open Pore-ing Question

open pore

Pore-ing questions

Facial Client: My pores are so big! Can you help me to close my pores?

Pore-ing Questions and Answers
– These are some of the common questions that my facial clients ask me and I guess it?s your burning questions too.

How are open pores formed?
Open pores are caused by the built up of rapid cells renewal, excess sebum production and they are clogged up in the pore, therefore enlarging the diameter of the pore. Sun damage and aging can also cause the epidermis to thicken, making it more likely that a rim of cells will collect around the individual pores.

1) Will the toner ?close? up my pores?

Sorry people?Toners can only temporary contract the pores because of its cooling effects. Toners are used to double cleanse your skin and they help to balance your skin?s pH level.

2) Will facial extraction cause my pores to become bigger?

No. However, do find a reliable beautician whom will be very careful when they are doing extraction. They are to create an exact opening on the acne so as to remove the excess dirt trapped in the pore.

3) What are some of the ways that I can prevent open pore?

Very often open pores runs in the family and you would usually have oily skin because of that. Prevention? basic maintenance such as face cleansing and scrubbing (twice a week) at home would do the trick.

This blog post is contributed by Gwen. She is currently working as a beauty consultant with a reknown local company which deals with skincare and makeup.

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    People generally don’t understand the importance of good skincare

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