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Love Letters For Your Wife

from joaoalmeida

Yesterday was one of the most important moments in my life, beside my wedding day. I attended a Dale Carnegie course. It covers on topics such as stress management to conflict resolution. The best thing is the common principles can be applied both in work and home.

On the last day of this Dale Carnegie class, we had to bring along friend. And I brought along my best friend and soul mate – my wife.

In fact, I wanted to write a blog post to thank my wife for being present. I think I should take a break from writing about wedding gowns or wedding hairstyles and I am just thinking it has been quite a while I wrote a love letter for her. This gives me a brigt idea to label this post as “Love Letters for Your Wife”

Here goes

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Start of Letter>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

“Dearest Ju,

I really want to thank you for being there with me at the Dale Carnegie Class. No amount of words can express how much I appreciate your presence.

Everytime in class, I shivered even while attending the class. The kind of excitement and anxiety brewing in me is indescribable. It could be torturing at times.

I am glad you came. In fact, through the sharing from my friends, these are the few things which I remembered.

1. Sometimes we tend to hurt the ones we love most

In a marriage and any kind of relationship, conflict and minor disagreement are inevitable. At most of the times, when our emotions get the better of us, we tend to let our thoughts (no matter how inappropriate) control our behavior.

I thank you for all the moments you did your best to ask for a “time-off” session and the effort in abiding by our number one house rule – no unresolved argument beyong 11.59pm of the same day.

2. Embracing our weakness

I know I am not perfect. I am a person with high anxiety and still doing my best to manage it. As I grow older and as I spend more time with you, I learnt that one should not focus on the little flaws have.

Life is too short to be wasted on such insignificant details of life. I would rather spend more time looking at you, recalling our happy moments and remembering your positive traits.

3. Spending Time with you

I am really grateful that you listen to me, in the sense you strongly believe in our daily and weekly practice.

Night time is strictly no work. It is just time spent with each other.

Work is a taboo topic for weekends too. Time is for family (including you).

Before I end off, I think I want to re-iterate this story as shared by the trainer, Benson.

Here is the story he shared…

“A girl who is blind long for the day she can see. She wonders daily how good it will be to see the beauty of the world.

At this moment, she has a boyfriend who loves her dearly. She told her boyfriend that if she can see him one day, she is going to marry him.

One day someone donates a pair of eyes. She is delighted and her dream can be finally realised.

After the operation, when the doctor is removing the bandage around her eyes, she is able to feel the hand of someone holding her. She knows that is her boyfriend.

When she is able to see for the first time, she saw her boyfriend’s face.

She is shocked. Her boyfriend is blind. She instanly withdraws her hand. Her boyfriend is puzzled and asked “What happened? Is it you don’t love me any more?”

The girl is hesistant and speechless. The boyfriend feels sad.

The next day, the boyfriend leaves the girl and never to come back. He leaves a note which says:

“Good luck to your new pair of eyes. I just want you to know that before the eyes belong to you, they were mine.”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Letter>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I think in life we are always going after a better life and always feels that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

With the little flaws we have, I think it is really who we are and sometimes I wonder if there is a need to be bothered too much by my anxiety.

I personally feel if it is me and I know that anxiety is really part of me, I must not be like this girl in the story and still continue to admire the beauty of the world now while spending time with you. And that is all I ask for.

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    americanbride Says:

    I really enjoyed looking at the picture of the newly wed couple. It seems that they like each other. Fabulous!

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