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D’sire: Wedding Gowns and So Much More for the Wedding You Desire

Dsire Weddings

2. D?sire

He proposed in the most romantic way. You made him wait while you thought about it, even though we all knew you would say yes. You finally said yes and now you have a beautiful ring on your finger and a date set for your wedding. Now it?s time to start planning. Planning a wedding can be as stressful as it is exciting. The wrong planning, or the wrong hired wedding planner, can make what is supposed to be the most beautiful memory a horrific experience. Don?t worry, though, I know of a place that can help you enjoy the excitement while helping to relieve you of a lot of the stress. D?sire.

What does D?sire have to offer?

I know you?ve heard of D?sire designs, but did you know that they offer a full range of wedding services? D?sire offers wedding gowns off the rack or designed by Dennes Yang, a sensational fashion designer with more than 15 years of experience. Dennes has long been designing wedding gowns that offer all the glamour of Hollywood with a timeless couture feel. You can also buy evening gowns, cocktail dresses, shoes, photography, or entire bridal packages. And, all at prices that won?t break the bank.

The Inhale Collection

D?sire?s Inhale Collection is a line of ready to wear wedding gowns that feature beautiful laces, beadwork and embroideries. These gowns are elegant and romantic with the very best fabrics to include silks and satins, organza, taffeta and tulle, and even Chantilly lace. The Inhale Collection is available in sizes 8, 10, and 12 and can be altered to fit. Prices start at a very reasonable $488 for a gown that is sure to please even the pickiest bride.

The Peony Collection

The Peony Collection is a collection of modern wedding dresses with a vintage appeal. Perfect for a romantic Victorian or fun roaring 20?s themed wedding. The Peony Collection is very affordable at prices from $388 and sizes from 8 to 12. Peony is a very special collection for a special kind of bride with a strong, vibrant and daring personality. Is that you?

The Exhale Collection

The Exhale Collection is a line of couture evening gowns starting at $588. These gowns are the kind of exquisite evening wear that you see in the classic Hollywood movies. You will feel like a movie star in any number of the Exhale Collection and there are sure to be several to choose from for your evening reception, or even for your bridal party. Sizes run from 8 to 12 with alterations available.

The After Six Defrost Collection

D?sire?s After Six Defrost Collection is a gorgeous collection of cocktail dresses that feature ruffles and laces. These are feminine and flirty and perfect for your reception dress or you could choose Defrost dresses for your bride?s maids. They will love you for choosing a dress that they will be proud to wear for more than just your wedding. Defrost is the most affordable of D?sire?s ready to wear lines with prices at just $288 and up. Alterable sizes range from 8 to 12.

But if you really have your heart set on having a gown made especially for you. If you are only considering ready to wear because it is the most affordable option, guess what, you don?t have to settle for something off the rack if you don?t want to. D?sire?s Vintage is a custom made gown designed to your desire by Dennes Yang himself.

Dennes will work with you by designing a wedding gown to fit your theme, your personality, your body type, or a combination of everything. He will design the perfect wedding gown for you at an unbelievable starting price of only $2,500! You read that right. You can own a Dennes Yang custom wedding gown for a price that is less than you had ever imagined having a designer gown made.

Whether you choose from the ready to wear collections or to have Dennes design a gown just for you, you and your groom will be simply amazed at the outcome. Your special day will be an experience you will never forget. Throughout your life together, when his eyes are glassy and he seems to be daydreaming, you can be confident that he is remembering you as you come toward him on your wedding day. He will never forget how he felt when he realized that this stunning beauty is about to become his wife.

What about the Shoes?

Don?t forget about the shoes. Many brides mistakenly think that the shoes aren?t important, especially with a long, flowing gown. Who?s going to see them? That is the wrong attitude to have about your wedding shoes. The shoes are part of the whole ensemble. They are as much an accessory as the jewels you wear and cannot be ignored. Your shoes will likely be seen in the wedding photos and video, too. Don?t fear. D?sire has you covered ? from head to toe. Fabulous shoes are available from about $90 and up. These aren?t department store shoes, either. These are designer shoes to perfectly compliment your wedding gown and all of your other D?sire fashions.

Visiting D?sire

A visit to D?sire will make your decision easy. Not only is the service impeccable, but the boutique is to die for. The 2,000 square foot salon is beautiful by itself with its renaissance styled d?cor, but you will be absolutely amazed at the dressing rooms. There are two dressing areas at D?sire, each with its own theme. The Lydia Room has a Victorian theme.

You can step back in time while you try on the entire Peony Collection. Or you can choose the Peony Room with a more traditional and Oriental d?cor to try on the Inhale Collection. They might even let you switch back and forth to enjoy the entire experience ? it doesn?t hurt to ask. Whichever dressing room you choose, you will feel as if you have stepped into a dream. You will be relaxed and stress free while you try on gowns surrounded by beauty and privacy.

What the Clients are saying

D?sire?s clients can?t say enough good things about their experience with the wonderful staff and beautifully planned weddings. They talk about how exciting it was to plan their weddings with the people at D?sire. About how the staff was helpful and eager to make sure everything was perfect. Clients say that working with D?sire was a dream come true because they were able to actually enjoy the planning stages of their weddings without all the stress that they had heard they would have. They say that working with Dennes was unbelievably easy and they couldn?t have asked for a more perfect gown.

How to contact D?sire

You can visit the D?sire boutique at 452 Race Course Road in Singapore or find their contact information at https://dsire.com.sg/. Make sure you call well in advance because one of the things that make D?sire so desirable for brides is the personal attention they receive during their appointments. In order to give this kind of personal attention, they must limit their appointment times.

When you do get an appointment, the staff will attend to you and only you, and Dennes will give you one-on-one personal attention, too. They will allow you all the time you need to get all of your questions answered and to make all your choices. They will let you know about all of the services they offer to help you plan your perfect wedding. You won?t feel pressured at D?sire, you will feel like you are the only bride on Earth.

If you want to have all the fun, without all the stress of planning your wedding, you will want the help of D?sire. Not only will you be the most beautiful bride there ever was, your wedding will go off without a hitch. Your photographs will be something that you will proudly display for the rest of your lives. Your family and friends will be talking about your wedding for years to come. You will have the wedding of your dreams and a wonderful life with the one you love to follow. Make an appointment with D?sire and find out for yourself how they can help to make all your wedding dreams come true.

Call D?sire at +65-6323-3350 and tell them that Romance-Fire.com sent you.

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