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Silhouette the Atelier; Wedding Gowns and So Much More

Silhouette Weddings

3. Silhouette the Atelier

Are you a new bride to be and not sure where to start with planning your wedding? Think about this next question very carefully. What is the single most important aspect of your wedding? If you answered that you are, then you are correct. The bride is the part of the wedding that everyone will be watching. She is the one that makes the wedding beautiful and that brings tears to the eyes of the guests. How is it that you are going to accomplish this task? In the most beautiful wedding gown you can find, that?s how. – Silhouette

What does Silhouette have to offer?

Singapore is one of the most visited places in the world. Part of the reason for that could be because new brides to be come to Singapore to shop for their wedding attire at Silhouette the Atelier, the one of the premier wedding studios in all of Asia. Silhouette not only caters to brides and the bridal party, but the husband-to-be and his party can also be fitted for exquisite shirting that compliments the bridal party?s attire. Silhouette is one of the best places to shop for your wedding gown and evening gown because they have a larger collection of off-the-rack gowns in more sizes than many of the boutiques in Singapore, or if you prefer, they will design and make your gowns to order.

Only the Best Will Do At Silhouette

The best known Silhouette gowns start with a corset; and then work outward from there. The corset is popular because of the way that it shapes the woman wearing it. Corsets can also be designed to be adjustable, so if you pick up your gown and then lose or gain a couple of pounds before the wedding, your gown will still look great on you. The styles are classic and beautiful, whether right off the rack or created by one of Silhouette?s talented designers. You are sure to find a style that matches your personality, taste, and the ideas you have for the rest of your wedding d?cor.

Silhouette uses only the finest fabrics for their wedding attire. These include french laces and silks, satins and chiffons. No matter what look you are trying to achieve, Silhouette has a fabric that will make it happen. The beadwork and appliques that are hand sewn to the gowns are simply some of the best in the fashion industry. The fabrics are modern and lightweight and very easy to wear, according to some Silhouette brides.

Silhouette the Atelier translated to English means outline the haughty (disdainfully proud). That?s what Silhouette gowns do to a tee. They outline the proud bride and make her shine on her special day. This day is all about you, the bride. You should have the perfect outline (silhouette).

Special Packages offered by Silhouette

Silhouette the Atelier offers specials on packages. For about $3,800 you get a wedding gown off-the-rack to rent and your made-to-measure evening gown that you can keep. You also get the groom?s suit that he can keep and flowers for the photos and for the wedding, including six corsages. They will do your hair and make-up four times, for the day and evening, photos and trial. They will even include car decoration in the package. This is a phenomenal price for everything you get in the package. You can opt to keep the wedding gown for an additional charge.

There is a gown for every bride?s taste at Silhouette the Atelier. Silhouette is known for designing a wedding gown around a corset, but on some the corset is simply a way to shape the body. You can?t even tell that the top of the gown is a corset because it is covered with other fine fabrics. Other gowns are obviously corset styling on top. These are feminine and flirty and perfect for the outspoken, fun loving kind of girl. You might prefer a classic style gown with sleek, clean lines and minimal, yet fabulous detailing. Silhouette has this style, too. If you have a wedding gown style in mind already, Silhouette is bound to have one that is very close, if not even more perfect than you imagine.

When did Silhouette open their Doors?

Silhouette the Atelier opened their doors in 1995 and have built a reputation as one of the finest wedding designers in the world. The designers and assistants not only strive to make sure that you have the perfect wedding gown and the perfect wedding attire to compliment the gown, but they strive to offer the best customer service in the industry.

What are the Customers saying?

Silhouette brides are talking. They are saying that they couldn?t have been happier with their service and the excellence of the wedding attire from Silhouette. All you need to do is surf the net and you will find wedding blogs and forums where Silhouette brides are singing the praises of Silhouette and recommending their designer to anyone who will listen. I even ran across some new husbands who are raving about their brides? experiences with Silhouette. A happy bride makes a happy husband. Keep that in mind, guys.

The husbands are also very impressed with the prices at Silhouette. It?s not bargain basement, but that?s not what they want. Men know that you have to fork over some cash to get good quality and service, but they are happy to find that they aren?t having to fork over the whole bank at Silhouette. ?You get so much for the price you pay, it is so very worth it.? says one groom. ?We had budgeted for much more than the package cost, but were able to use what we saved for an even more special honeymoon! And we couldn?t have asked for a better person to work with than Kenji.?

Another Silhouette bride comments that her designer, Caroline, clearly understood what she wanted and even made honest suggestions about styles and cuts and whether they would look good on me. The bride appreciated that so much that she ?highly recommends Caroline? to everyone who is still searching for a great designer.

A Silhouette bride who has been married only a few weeks offers advice about the wedding photography. She tells us not to worry about the photos because your Silhouette gown will be so beautiful, and you will be so beautiful in it, that it is impossible to get bad pictures.

How can I get in touch with Silhouette?

Silhouette the Atelier is located at the Stamford House (39 Stamford Road) in Singapore. You can give them a call or e-mail them with questions or to schedule your consultation. Get their telephone number and e-mail address from their very nice website at www.silhouette.com.sg.

The website also includes ?doors? to Silhouette?s new line of men?s fine shirting, called Mitzi. Mitzi is a line of men?s shirts only, not full suits or slacks to go with them. They are meant to compliment the bridal party or for a man to create his own style by adding slacks, jackets, ties, or whatever he wishes. Mitzi realizes that men don?t need to be dressed anymore.

Real men want to be unique of their own accord and want to show the world that they are capable of being stylish with the outfitting that they have put together, not something that is put together for them.

The other line made by the Silhouette people is called CharMuse. CharMuse is a label that offers affordable, off-the-rack evening gowns for women. These are gowns that can be worn for any occasion, whether it is a formal gala or the Opera. Even though CharMuse is affordable, it uses the finest fabrics and is very well made.

The colors of this line are vibrant and eye-catching. The styles are feminine to ultra-dramatic. These gowns would do just as well on the red carpet as they would on your bride?s maids. Don?t worry, as beautiful as CharMuse gowns are, you Silhouette wedding gown will outshine them hands down.

If you want a beautiful wedding gown, a gorgeous evening gown, and to dress your groom and both wedding parties from one location, at a price you can afford, then you should give Silhouette the Atelier a look. Add to this outstanding service and designers who care about you and your perfect wedding day, and Silhouette the Atelier will not disappoint.

Call Silhouette at +65-6733-7197 and tell them that Romance-Fire.com sent you.

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