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What is A Vintage Wedding Dress?

After posting more and more posts on different wedding gowns such as champagne wedding gowns, I decided to learn more about other wedding gowns available in the market.

I have always been puzzled over this term “vintage wedding dress”.

What does it really mean?

Is the dress old and ugly? Or is it out-dated and alien?

I did some research online and it seemed to me that if you are some usual bride with extraordinary taste, you may want to consider vintage wedding gowns.

Why is it so?

First of all, it is not going to be another similar wedding gown as your friend.

The second reason is its embroidery and fine worksmanship. I am sure if you really like your gown, you are going to fall in love with it too.

And again, the wedding gown is yours to design. Sometimes adding both conventional and vintage taste is going to create the wedding gown of your dream.

So “vintage” doesn’t necessary means “outdated” or “old”.

If you are seriously considering such wedding gowns, you can read this article on “The Rules for Shopping for (and Finding!) a Vintage Wedding Dress“.

And here are some photos of vintage wedding gowns. Happy Viewing! >.<

vintage wedding gowns

from henryroth.com

vintage wedding gowns

from thebridalwearcompany.co.uk

vintage wedding gowns

from kennethpool.com

vintage wedding gowns

from manolobrides.com

vintage wedding gowns

from bridalwave.tv

vintage wedding gowns

from insideweddings.com

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