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1 Tip You Ever Need to Survive with Your Mother-In-Law

I had my dinner with mother-in-law and the whole of the family.

It was a touching moment and I was really glad the whole unhappy episode had drawn to a closure.

It was not easy to encourage my significant other to make a consistent effort to dine with her family.

It took a lot of nagging and gentle reminder.

However, I must say that the whole effort was paid off and we had a very wonderful dinner.

We had long chat over the sumptuous meals of prawns, sotong and other sea-food.

Again, the quality of the food didn’t really matter. It was the quality of the time spent.

Though it was just 3 hours of dinner time and catching up, I found it the most well-spent for the past few years.

I had to admit I was fearful of going back to in-laws’ place partially because of the tension that had surmounted over the months.

It was not an easy process. I literally had to bite the bullet to have heard her long lectures over the phone.

Have you heard of one of the most common fear of the greatest man on earth?

His mother-in-law!

Haha….what an irony! He can fight dragons and monsters and still cowered in fear like a little mouse in front of his very mother-in-law.

So do you want to know the only one survival tip you ever need to stay alive with your mother-in-law.

Learn to be her friend.

I know it may sound weird and even painful for some. But it is just as simple as that.

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2 Responses to “1 Tip You Ever Need to Survive with Your Mother-In-Law”

  1. 1
    Olz Says:

    IS IT REALLLY as easy ???! my significant other wants to get married … but ive even broken up with him coz his moher dosnt like that im black and he’s not!!

    Now with time she has become civil.. defnitly…and this year – i sent her her first set of gifts – i say set of gifts coz initially, id leave sumthin tiny.. but i thot id go all out and give a few things to her son to give to her for her bday…

    I dont hate her.. I just thot – can i relly put up with this ALLL my life !! but then i realised im not the only one – which was a relief.. lol

    but how on earth do i go about becomin her friend !?!?

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    Hi Olz,

    I know the relationship between us and the in-law can be kinda of confusing.

    It is not an absolute hate and neither it is love…lol…anyway, i think we can just be on good terms with our in-laws, not necessary must be friends or even good friends… :p

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