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3 Ways to Leverage on Each Other’s Strengths

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How much do you know about the person you have married?

Neither do I know much but it doesn’t stop me from understanding my wife more and more everyday.

Yesterday, I was helping my wife with some paper work and generally I typed faster than I speak.

I also have the eye for details and I can spot any error or typo if there is one.

I do love to read alot and sometimes I give suggestions to my wife to run her group of little monkeys using management strategies that huge Multi National Companies have used.

Hmmm, quite interesting to see that different strategies, once fine-tuned to suit the needs of different environment do work to certain extent.

What I am doing my best to say here is that husband and wife have different strengths, skills and knowledge. Most of the times, the husband may have the solution to the wife’s problem at work and sometimes, the wife can help the husband out with relationship problem with his boss.

Remember ladies always have the magical personal touch.

Thus, husbands may want to seriously “hire” their wives as interpersonal relationship consultant.

Personally, I love coming up with tactics and methods to work around various difficult situations.

My motto is human interaction has always been a psychologocal game. If you know what the person is thinking inside-out, you have won half the battle.

I also love to come up with more effective teaching techniques that can cover more using less time. That’s why I believe I am like a consultant for my wife in this aspect.

As for my wife, she is better in terms of managing the finance. And thus, whatever finance question I have, I know who I can ask.

Plus she is the best cook in the world and a fluent Cantonese speaker. And yes, I am a cook too, and I can only cook rice.

Thus, I really love to be reminded of my wife’ strengths every now and then. Many times, we tend to only see the flaws and that is when arguments arise.

It is not easy to just look at a person’s strengths. It is not easy to do. However, it is not impossible to start.

3 ways you can start right now:
1. List down on a piece of paper right now 3 strengths your spouse has.

2. Ask yourself what current problem you have and you know your spouse can give some suggestions to help you solve it.

3. Again, have the expectation of asking is not equivalent of finding an instant solution. The magical touch only comes because both of you are discussing and are learning to hear from another perspective.

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