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Preparing Your Skin For Your Wedding Day!!!

Post Contributed by Gwen Goh:

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Preparing your skin for the big day yet does not have sufficient time to go for the professional facials? We shall unveil some of the jargon in moisturizers and let you purchase what?s necessary to maintain your skin condition in the midst of your wedding preparations.

For simplicity we shall introduce 2 basic layers of your skin:

– The outermost is call the epidermis

– Below it is the dermis where the lack of elasticity would cause wrinkles

Moisturizers can act as a sealant that traps moisture that already exists in your skin as well as a moisture magnet that attracts moisture from the surrounding. Moisturizers have molecules some larger than the others. The 3 common skincare products are serums, gels and creams.

Serum ? Gel ? Creams

Serums are sometimes known as essences which have the smallest molecules and creams have the largest molecules due to its chemical compound. Imagine your skin has tiny pipes leading down to the layers of skin and the molecules are tiny balls going down the pipe. We would apply the serums first because it has the ability to penetrate below the epidermis layer, followed by the gel and then the creams which acts like a cork which seals them all.

For those that are on a budget can just choose either a cream or a gel. Although it is widely believed that oily skin cannot use cream-form products, the advancement in technology allows our friends to enjoy cream moisturizers without clogging the pores. If you would prefer to invest long term on your skin, you can purchase a serum and a gel/cream.

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