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5 Reasons You Must Fire Your Wedding Planner!

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from baliwwwdotcom

You trusted your wedding planner and gave her the authority to decide your wedding matter and plan everything for your wedding.

However, it reaches a tipping point that you felt really uneasy and something about your wedding is not right.

The wedding planner kept on postponing her appointment with you (and this is not the first time!), she forgot to update you on certain important matters (and you know she should have done so), she couldn’t remember what was your choice of flowers even after you had told her umpteen times.

The list goes on and on. The frustration in you increases day by day.

Is now the right time to fire your wedding planner?

Here are 5 reasons why you have to fire your wedding planner right now before things get really ugly.

1. Break of trust

I believe when we decided to hire a wedding planner, it equates to completely trusting her. I feel it is not easy to trust someone enough to plan our big day. If I were you, perhaps I would give her at most 2 chances.

However, if she continues to give excuses such as being too busy to attend to me, I will fire her.

2. New resources will be revealed

Many times we become over-reliant on our wedding planner to the point we may feel helpless if she is not around. This is not true. We are never helpless and we are always in control, with or without our wedding planner.

Look around you and you will realise you do have people such as friends, family members, relatives to help you. It is all about proper delegation of tasks to make your life easier.

Remember to set datelines and give very specific and clear instructions.

Do not allow any room for assumptions. Otherwise you will be caught surprised on your wedding day!

3. Keeping your sanity

Personally, I feel that the purpose of hiring a wedding planner is to lighten our load in planning our wedding. If it turned out to be the other way round when we have to baby-sit our wedding planner, I feel we will all go insane.

4. You can save more money

Some so-called “experienced” wedding planners may not be as experienced as you have thought. Normally, I would select a planner through word-of-mouth.

Assuming you have a planner which you are very unsatisfied with. Fire her and save yourself from paying future deposits to your planner. Ask for a refund if you can.

5. There are plenty of other wedding planners

There are other trees in the forest. It is never too late to re-hire a new wedding planner. There are so many choices out there. Just make sure you find a very reliable one. Ask for referral from friends who have used her service before.

I know it is not easy to make a completely new decision while planning your wedding. There is just so much fear that more unhappy things will occur. However I assure you if you start afresh and have proper planning, you can definitely fire your wedding planner anytime you want.

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